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I like the gap in leagues as it is now. It gives time to sort through stuff that merged over. Also I like to revisit my old characters and see if I can improve them more.

I would also be for a 4 month league cycle over the 3 month we have now. I believe with the added time we would get a much more stable and polished product. Which would be more fun, and more fun means players are more willing to support our favorite devs.

Please do not make the synthesizer/fractured items core, they are horrible added layers of bad RnG. Maybe if the Implicits were simplified to 2 tiers only, and improve the fractured mods to be guaranteed T1-T3. As it is now I feel I'm wasting time and resources picking up and IDing fractured items. After learning how the mechanic works this league I haven't tried to synthesize anything cause all the fractured items I find are vendor trash (not even worth keeping to level an alt).

I really enjoyed Betrayal league, and with the changes to mod XP I wish the drop rate of veiled items was better. I rarely find veiled items and getting the mods I need to unlock is even more scarce. Also with all the performance issues people seem to be having perhaps reducing the # of Betrayal encounters to each map to only 1 or 2, but increase the % chance to have a master spawn.
Last, issue I've been having since new masters is Zanas inventory doesn't refresh daily like it used to, or even after I complete her mission in a map. It has been a week since I bought all she had trying to complete my Atlas, and I am not dropping the maps I need to progress further. I thought her inventory was supposed to reset daily, and after we complete her missions or quest line objectives.
I only play in a league and if there is no league, simply dont play.

Theres no logic to have a gap at all between the different leagues.

Its just annoying and nothing else.

Maybe you should read some of the other posts to get a hint of what this gap seems to be useful for.
Arf! Arf! Arf!
I feel that the time between leagues ending and the new one starting are important.
Honestly, I don't really play leagues myself anymore as I have not felt
Into them since the end of breach.
That aside. I feel that the days between help, as many have said, to properly transfer stuff from old league chars/tabs into the standard tabs, situate them, and sell some stuff to make room for the end of next league.
It also gives a small boost to the standard economy during those days.
Standard is unfortunately left in the dust these days I feel.

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to the community.
I think its great to have a company that truly cares about their playerbase and its opinions.
I like the few "league-less" days before a new league.
Bex_GGG wrote:
In just over two weeks we plan to announce the full details of an end-of-league event that we expect to begin around the 10th of May. We are currently investigating whether this event will be possible on console. It looks likely so far.

Any news on this about console able to join? It has been over 2 weeks.

Edit - apparently it was posted on Twitter (no clue why) that we will have more info next week. https://twitter.com/bexchangewords/status/1121168160294445056
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Late to the party on this one, but I'll throw my 2 cents in. My goal each league is to get the league exclusive mtx. I enjoy trying the new skills and new builds, but ultimately I'll play whatever allows me to attain that goal. Historically, I've been able to achieve that about 2 months into a league. This gives me a few weeks or so to catch up on other games, tv shows, and maybe go outside once or twice.

That said, by the time the new league is announced, I'm jonsin' pretty hard to get back in and check it out. That extra week or so gap between leagues just adds to, what is for me, an already frustrating wait. I can see why people who play right up until the end of a league, or people who care about standard might like the gap, but I personally could do without it. The one caveat to this, and as others have mentioned, is if the extra wait somehow produces a more polished product. I believe that Synthesis is a good example of a league that could have probably used a little more time in the oven before release. I'd much rather play with a mostly finalized, polished and enjoyable league mechanic, than a broken mess that requires weeks of patching and reworks to make tolerable. I'd be understanding of a delay between leagues if that was the reason for it.

Also, announce the details of the race already! :) I'm not sure if I'll want to play it just yet, but I'm almost done playing through Wasteland 2 (awesome game, btw) and I'd like to see what sort-of craziness you guys have planned.
Need more incentives for playing the league to the end. maybe add logging into the game x number of days an option for the end game grind. Log in or gain experience or kill something for 25/30 of the last 30 days of the league.

something to give people a reason to keep playing beyond the first half of the league.
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I only play in a league and if there is no league, simply dont play.

Theres no logic to have a gap at all between the different leagues.

Its just annoying and nothing else.


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