We are just over a month into the Synthesis League. As we look ahead to the remainder of the league, we wanted to give you an indication of what to expect and give you a general scope of what the team is working on.

Later this week, we're planning to deploy a small patch on PC that includes a few bug fixes as well as some backend changes that won't affect players but will improve infrastructure.

In just over two weeks we plan to announce the full details of an end-of-league event that we expect to begin around the 10th of May. We are currently investigating whether this event will be possible on console. It looks likely so far. This is likely to be something in the vein of either a Mayhem/Turmoil pair or Flashback. We always love to see community highlights from these events and can't wait to see what shenanigans you get up to!

We are currently planning to announce our 3.7.0 expansion between the 17th and 24th of May although we will give you a firmer indication of the timing as we get closer to the announcement. We'll go into more detail about its exact contents when we announce it, but can confirm that there is a significant balance focus on Melee and a League of a simpler scope than the last few. Our internal playtest version of the new league is much further along than leagues normally are at this point in the development cycle. We're hoping it'll be a new fan-favourite.

The current end date for the Synthesis League on PC is Tuesday June 4th at 10am NZDT. This may change as we get closer to it but we will let you know. Synthesis will end on console when the 3.7.0 league is launched.

We are also considering ending Synthesis on PC when the 3.7.0 expansion launches so that people can continue to play right up until launch if they so wish. We are very keen to see how the community feels about this before we go about changing it. Let us know your thoughts! Related to this, we are interested in feedback on whether players would prefer that we have leagues run up until when the next one starts on PC, rather than ending a few days beforehand.
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Wut, Turmoil.. could be fun
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Edit: Mayhem league, leeeeeeeeeeeeeets goo
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I like having a few days "off" in standard before a league starts. Don't think my opinion counts though because I only play standard anymore. :P
Just a lowly standard player. May RNGesus be with you.
Oooooh potential Turmoil/Mayhem!!!
Perfectly fine with how the end now, course I don't think many play till the very end of the league anyway. Excited for the end of league event though and melee changes with a simpler league
Not a fan of not giving a break between the league ending and 3.7. The few day break gives proper time to migrate the characters and items to standard before the new league launches. It would be another blow to standard which keeps getting the short end of the stick with every update nowadays.
I would LOVE to lose the few day dead space between leagues. I hate that time so much. If there are no technical issues to running the previous league up until the day of the new league, I'm all for it.
The only thing the community cares about is making sure the next league launch is not a total disaster

We're talking about server stability on launch day

Trade api not taking 5 hours to refresh

No game breaking bugs that take weeks to months to fix like our current synthesis league.

A turmoil/mayhem could be alot of fun although im sure newbie players will find it overwhelming

Doing a 1 month is something for more old-school/hardcore players and we do appreciate it tbh

Although with a launch of may 10th that means june 14th would most likely be the next league launch?

I do hope the next league launches on the first friday of a new month(end of previous month) rather than half-way through a month. (but thats just me saying the sooner the better)

I really hope these melee changes are fun and engaging and I cant wait to see what we have in store

Although I must say performance of the game has been drastically low recently.

I hope performance is focused on as well, considering if our flagship pc's cant sustain 144 frames im sure the average gamer will really be frustrated to drop to 4 fps every few seconds...

p.s. most of us dont give a shit about standard league... so if you wanna end the league on a new start it wont affect many people.

Most people quit by month 2... so most people wouldnt be playing Synthesis by the time the newest league is about to launch.
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