Extrem lag spikes ps4 pro

Had the same issue. Accidentaly fixed it by rebooting my Wi-Fi router and PS4. Playing on Moscow Server.
Had the same issue with my PS4 Pro and Wifi.
Changed to realm "Moscow" befor I logged in and now it works fine.

Hope it helps you too.
Same issue here except i play a normal ps4 the constant freezing is bullsht i play wired connection probidor dodo 50/25 mbps down/up this game was good now it plain sucks due to the crap fraazeing lagging
Hi Community,

I have a PS4 Pro (LAN, no Wifi) and I can confirm lags.

At times with not many players I do not see many lags. At evening or on weekend I see many lags.

I have not reached end game (hardcore). I exit a map and rejoin a map a few times. Mostly this helps.

Best regards

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I'm playing on a PS4 Pro over LAN in Canada. Getting serious desync issues and rubberbanding, especially when using whirling blades to move around. Most of my deaths are now caused by my character locking up and rubberbanding back to some other position and getting swarmed by mobs. I can't progress as higher level monsters just annihilate me during these moments since I can't attack and leech.

I'm very frustrated at this point and pretty fed up with the deaths. High level nexus maps are basically unplayable as I'll just rubberband constantly and get nuked by the ranged attacks. I can't get close because whirling blades will cause rubberbanding... Vicious cycle.

I've now run the MTR network test on my Mac, output below. Doesn't seem to be any issues...https://pastebin.com/iRX5dBLy
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same. still enjoying the game but the extreme lag spikes are frustrating. have hope friends
any news on this?
is there an "Deterministic lockstep / Client predictive" switch comming to consoles?
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Would be nice if they dumped some money into these issues. Improve the experience for everyone. Lag deaths are no fun.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your posts. We're aware of various performance issues caused by some builds. The team have some improvements planned, which are being worked on.
Many of my lag spike deaths have been due to sound issues. For example, if I were to activate a skill without mana the dialogue would trigger and at that moment the game would feeze. Another example would be when I click on Nico and the game freezes while monsters from offscreen swoop in and kill me.

Other lag spike deaths have been due to multiple projectiles (even just monsters) incoming from off the screen. I'm assuming the map mods plays a big role in this occurrence.

Rubberbanding seems to occur mostly near edges of objects or in maps with lots of ground objects. The skill I'm using when it happens is Whirling Blades. I don't know how many times I've used Whirling Blades to get out a tricky situation only to rubberband right back to the enemies.

Any sort of ground effects, but especially cold effects, are just devastating for me. I'm using Herald of Ice so maybe that plays a role in my lag?

I don't mind dieing every now and then to lag spikes but when you have an EXP penalty in your game, it's insanely frustrating to have to contend with. I feel like I could easily be lvl 90 by this point were it not for the situations I described above. When you think about it, lag spikes wiped away hours of game progression. You kind of feel like a hampster in a wheel after a while.

The lag/framerate issues would be a minor annoyance, but because their is an EXP penalty for death it's a major issue.
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