3.6.1 Hotfix

Please! Anytime i get surprised by one of those intervention goons (seems to always be Aisling Laffrey, The Silent Butcher in my case) the game freezes and stutters until i end up dead and he disappears. After he's gone the game runs fine..
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So i dont want to sound rude but when are u planing to put maps back on the drop table ?
Hasn't fixed a damn thing, still horrendous lag every time the cursed intervention goons pop up.

Why is it that we didn't have this issue at all during the betrayal league, but we are having it now?

Please fix this, it's quite a large detractor from enjoying this game properly.
I usually don't post on the forum, but I feel like we need all the voices we have to show the importance of this matter.

Betrayal was fun, even tho it was very frustrating due to overtuned enemies.

Now while we still have overtuned enemies (especially for newer players and less supersaiyan builds), we also have a really hard time filling up the bar for the very underwhelming and hardly profitable mastermind.

Those issues aside, we now ALSO fight the enemy called "MASSIVE FRAMERATE DROP". I personally don't have a 20k ES build, so it's hard for me to stay alive during this boss encounter, despite my minions trying their best to protect me... all in vein. Massive Framerate Drop (I'll call him MFD), has extremely hard mechanics that require a lot of grinding to acquire the necessary gear in order to defeat him (a MEGA-ULTRA-HYPER-5000 PC that costs over $5000 atleast). Now I have tried different attempts at optimizing my gear to work around MFD's mechanics, but the boss is just too insane and he manages to kill me 9/10 instances.

Jokes aside. This is very frustrating, especially if you have a mid-end PC that can run Witcher 3 and many other current game on high/ultra settings.

It doesn't matter if the syndicate doesn't appear on every map anymore and is only an occasionaly hazard, but that hazard will make your previous 2 hours of work (xp grinding) go to ABSOLUTE WASTE. Is that fun? No, because I will most likely encounter another syndicate within those 2 hours of grinding. It will become an almost infinite loop of gaining and losing XP.

I don't even want to stress the importance of the impact it has on HC league players. I believe some of them suffer from crippling depression by now and require medical attention. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Please fix this as soon as possible, GGG. I love Path of Exile and sunk a lot of hours and money into the game because I am very fond of it and the effort you invested thus far. I would like to continue to support you and this magnificent game. So please heed our call in our most direst time of need!

Thank you in advance.
Arian Targaryen of G3
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It seems to me that each hotfix makes the game worse off for me. I was able to play before with no issues after this latest patch I crash non stop.
Still getting massive framerate drops on Intervention encounters. This patch did nothing to help whatsoever. Had no issue previously in Betrayal league. I love this game a lot but this is getting ridiculous.
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.
Throwing in my 2 cents here, but interventions seem to lead to freeze / DC or on a rare chance the game crashing.

I'm not a big fan of Betrayal itself. I wish I could opt out of it and just map normally.
Nothing changed, great hotfix
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Nothing is fixed. Everything stands still and wow..unfortunately i died. Oh wonder...Not playable. Bye bye Experience
All our Gods have abandoned us.
I have the solution guys: leave your current build, EVERYONE MAKE A MAX BLOCK GLADIATOR.

Problem solved.

Don't worry GGG, I got this.

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