3.6.1 Hotfix

Still happening. Game freeze, see syndicate dialogue then dead. Please either fix or remove syndicate.
Aint fun at all. Waste of time for nothing every time then intervention coming to me. Wonderful fix that didn't do anything.
nope def not fixed, still huge spikes with every betrayal encounter
Putting Betrayal stuff in a regular league seems to be a major mistake. Or somebody sabotaging the game on purpose. "PoxhKappa" quit already and others bashing it every day.
Not fixed. Still getting the total lockup issue with Interventions, the other Betrayal encounters are fine.
It's work for me, thanks GGG.
Same here. The "abmbush" encounter made my game go Slideshowmode for like 15sec everything else is totaly fine. sure there some fps drops here and there but nothing of important but this need to be fixed asap. Not in the next patch or the next days. It should be clearly done today an should actualy have top prio over everything else
This hotfix didnt work. Its so bad that i will just have to stop playing until this gets fixed. Every intervention is just a death for me cause of the fps drop, nothing i can do. And it just cost me to many zana maps now for it to be not fun
Didn't fix a sh*t this patch... Are you even trying to fix it?
Just get rid of it, less problems for us and for you,

Still happening...

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