Celestial Aura Effect and Celestial Soulrend

Those both look really good.
Beautiful! But will I be able to wear it with a mystery box item from the new boxes or will my points forever be in limbo

Edit: also... what is that witch wearing
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boxes when?
Meow meow secret mission meow


evanesce wrote:
Edit: also... what is that witch wearing

Looks like cloak of defiance.

These look amazing and I'm really excited to hear the cat MTX is coming up!
Cool. Divine Ire please..
Amazing ones ! BTW, cant wait for the release of the Mystery Boxes :D
Celestial cat soulrend mtx?? I don't even have internet to play the game right now and I would buy that. Pls let that mtx be a thing!!
Come on, give us the boxes already! I wanna spend my points for rainbow swag.
janeblone wrote:
Where is the gothic horror ghost child pet soulrend???!!??
she goes with the soulrend theme, flying out to attack mobs.

This is genius.
GGG - Please make the Templar Lab Zana's hideout. That place is pretty.

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These are not the cats promised! I want CatRend!

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