Celestial Aura Effect and Celestial Soulrend

Linck wrote:
wow I can see that aura conforming to the terrain in the staircases. That's new right?

Nope, the betrayal aura does it too.
Where is the gothic horror ghost child pet soulrend???!!??
she goes with the soulrend theme, flying out to attack mobs.
Are we going to get the two beefed-up versions of the celestial aura? The level 3 one with the beams shooting all around was pretty crazy. Lots of people were interested when it was posted on the reddits.
Insta Buy Aura :D
This is all well and good... but Bex, you could have had CATS.

Probably still end up buying them cause they look nice
can we maybe get a celestial mtx that replaces normal charges with these charges or another one even?
By the way, we know many of you are eagerly waiting for Celestial Cat Soulrend! It's on its way but we had already prepared Celestial Soulrend so now you get both :)

Tarke is going to freak! :D
Looks good. Will look even better once volley works with it too!
I bet there are competitions between the artists of who can make a prettier, cooler, or scarier cosmetics in the NZ offices. They are always raising the bar.
Damn. That Soulrend is one of the most gorgeous skill MTXs yet. I'm talking like "enough to make me go from 'not interesting in using the skill' to 'interested in using the skill'" good.

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