Celestial Aura Effect and Celestial Soulrend

Why no soulrend cats? I would of bought that.
Well next time we get new skills with celestial effect and then you can buy standard one :O
These MTX's are sick! I'm 100% buying the celestial aura effect.
That aside, will you ever be making a winter's orb MTX? I've been looking forward to one for a while now :)
The soulrend mtx might be the first thing in all these years I actually pick up. Finally an mtx I like for a skill I actually use :D

I'll get it on PS4, as getting a new card to be able to play it on PC after forced removal of dx9 has proven to be a real pain in the ass.

I'm excited to play the game in its intended fps probably for the first time though.

Less excited about having to constantly enter in account unlock codes manually on a controller every day because PoE freaks out if I lose my connection for a millisecond and thinks I'm hacking.
The Celestial effects are some of my favorites. Shame the Shaper portal kinda sucks.
cat soulrend POG
cold brand????? :3
celestial fire trap would be really nice
What this community really needs is a Goatse portal reskin. :P

On a more serious note, the soulrend effect is pretty nifty and stands out. I'm just guessing the aura effect will sometimes be obscured by other auras, but hey, if it's the only aura you use then it's fine

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