Celestial Aura Effect and Celestial Soulrend

What is this talk about soulrend cats ?
...mirror mirror on the wall...drop down on the ground and lol...
Lots of people requesting cat soulrend mtx, no, just no. Enough problems with game balance and now people want to turn poe into Hello-kitty crap? Then what, green blood ?

Oh so they want to shoot cats ?

NICE - I presume that we will buy extra 100 ignore slots soon - dunno why in the universe ignore list would have a limit...but if people start shooting cats...i would gladly pay for more ignore slots.
...mirror mirror on the wall...drop down on the ground and lol...
So what are those wings that show up on the "New" section of the store? They look very celestial to me. If they are indeed celestial wings I'll have to slaughter my wallet yet again...
Just your casual softcore, SSF-only scrub who likes memes and all things that nobody else thinks are funny.
Dangyo !!!
Celestial Flame Dash plz !!!
No love for bane ? Divine bane pls
Ashriel wrote:
Tarke's idea goes teased, but ignored for this cash-grab.


I don't think you quite understand how a development pipeline works. This MTX was being worked on before Tarke even suggested his idea. The cats are still coming, but they can't just pump out an MTX overnight.
Really good.
GGG going to begin create beautifull effects
Later... All this beauties should be embeded into game by default - it atracts new wave of players
A detailed presentation speaks of the presence of the mind

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