[3.6][SC] Duskdawn Divine Ire Trickster - up to 7m DPS on Shaper! [Chaos Conversion]

Khmerr wrote:
Hey, I was wondering why you use kaom's heart instead of a body armor with evasion to make use of the escape artist ascendancy?

Not too experienced of a player, so forgive me if my question is a bit dumb.

Mostly because Kaom's Heart is amazing for life-based if you don't need a 6l on a chest, which we don't as we use a staff. However, if you for example went MoM, it's not too bad of an idea to go a hybrid es/evasion chest. However, escape artist isn't that big a deal really, es is useless for life-based past mana & helpful for MoM but even just getting a solid ES helm will give you decent evasion to make use of ghost dance's es on being hit.

There's a really cool chest piece called The Eternity Shroud that could be really good for this build if you do some building around it, ie getting more shaper items.

Vizardcqc wrote:
Any thoughts on what i should do to help my survivablity?I just got the stuff but having trouble 6linking it.I tried going MoM but i lose too much damage.

Hey man, I know you might not want to hear this but the best move may be to grab a decent 6link ES chest and build up your MoM, try and get ~4.9k hp and ~1900es. The thing with 6-linking uniques is it can be a serious currency sink, not worth it until you're comfortable with your EHP. You can always resell that chest later on for a similar price, too, if you want to go the life route, but I'm honestly thinking of scrapping the life tree and going pure MoM/ES, I think it just provides more options early.

lola97 wrote:
Also, i've found that equipping an abyssal jewel with -

3% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill
5% chance to gain Phasing for 4 seconds on Kill

for mapping increased my clearspeed by a huge amount. you get perma onslaught/phasing basically. Jewel cost me 5c

Good idea with the jewel, I'll do that myself!

lola97 wrote:
Removing Frost walker and amplify for Arcane potency is a big dps increase, and you only lose 15% cold res and +1 aoe radius (out of 34). No-brainer if you ask me.

We do grab Arcane Potency, not sure what tree doesn't grab it but let me know and I'll change it. Also, though I like frost walker/lighning walker nodes as they're good value-per-point, but if you don't need the res then speccing out and grabbing Divine Wrath earlier is probably worth it.

I do agree that the aoe nodes are suspect for change. AoE has kind of a strange relationship with Divine Ire, in some ways it's nice to be able to charge your beam from further away, but I'm not sure it really adds any meaningful distance w/ conc effect for bossing. Amplify nodes are definitely the best ones to cut and put elsewhere.
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why not replace controlled destruction with cold to fire and get more dps without losing the crit from controlled d? You essentially double dip with the cold conversion then the cold to fire conversion
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Can This build work on a Inquisitor?
Hey! I know this might be a newbie question, however i don't know why i cant get nearly as much dps as you (according to pob). Even if i copy all of your items i still get about 1/3 of your dps. Also pob tells me i get more dps with my staff than with duskdawn. I don't really know how much of a reliable source pob is, but it seems strange.
Could u tell me what's wrong? My pob: https://pastebin.com/sKBBrgRM

Also the build is great so far im havin so much fun :D
Got 5k health now and 1.5k es it really is so much better now.though looking at getting brotherhood rings but my resistances might take a big hit.should i swap warlords for assassins or enfeeble?also im still using two heralds and hatred is it better if i swap to zel?
Hi! I've been playing and enjoying your build this league, very fun and powerful :)

There's something that I don't get though... You can call me a noob, and you would be right, but how does Call of the Brotherhood give all the damage you say?

There's a small lightning damage increase, but I could get the same on a rare ring, the mana regen is useless, and the main feature is cold to lightning damage conversion, but it doesn't ADD damage... does the damage you talk about come from the shock on enemies?

Aside from that, I was also wondering... The passive tree you provided has only 92 points allocated, is it because you consider these nodes are mandatory and the rest is up to the player? I was considering getting Enigmatic Defense for more chance to block (which also provides more crit multi from Duskdawn)... Also, why did you take the Frenzy charge, but not the two Power charges along the way?

Thanks for your great guide!
Hey there, great build, varianted mine into yours!

One thing though, i want to wear a linked chest instead of Kaoms but was wondering which spell would be best alongside Divine Ire. Until now i've been most impressed by sticking vortex in there because of its instant-cast. Did you have any other great ideas i should try for that?
Hey loving the build right now, very fun to use and really works well too! The only question I had was about immortal call.

I don't seem why we are using it when it seems like we aren't gaining endurance charges from anything. We get frenzy and power charges but where would we get endurance charges from?

Hi there! Really having fun with this build. I have a question tho; What gem lvl's to you recommend for the CoH-WoC-Ass-OrbOfStorms? Or what should I look for when leveling them up? I'm pretty new to this.

Never mind. After reading the gems I understand what you mean.
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Check this guys pob if u want to see some really insane gear and damage lol

his rings alone are 20ex if you were to buy them

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