[3.6][SC] Duskdawn Divine Ire Trickster - up to 7m DPS on Shaper! [Chaos Conversion]

Meive wrote:
Livers wrote:
is devouring diadem ok to use is mom build?

Diadem is very good. Allows you to run a 3th Aura with minimal effort (you spend the points you save from taking EB manually on Souvernighty and equip a lvl 3 Enlighten and you have 3 aura's running)

why do we need englighten on zealotry,hatred and herald of ash with the diadem? They all fit without it.
3ryk wrote:
Okay guys, i just rerolled to Divine Ire, bought some gears and went mino. my dmg sucked. can some1 tell me what is wrong? heres my gear

Well.. you have like 0 conversion, so yeah, your damage is gonna be poop.

Drop the 2 rings and get 2 Call of the Brotherhood's and your damage will more then double.

Full Shaped bonus on Eternity Shroud is a trap, I've been saying that in multiple topics but people still don't get it..
Devouring Diadem (allows for Hatred aura on top of Zealotry and Wrath) + Command of the Pit will out damage every other combination with shaped items.

Saves you a shit ton of curreny trying to get 2x Shaped Call of the Brotherhoods
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I took down Uber Elder for the first time ever trying today with your build! Thanks for the info man feels good to finally get this far after playing for so long. I was having trouble with the fight until I got 4.9k HP/2k ES from 4.3 HP/1.3k ES.

I still want to make my build stronger though because it's been a ton of fun and I have 13ex more to work with from my MF build. Any recommendations?


I use these for mapping and could probably use them for Uber Elder now that I know the fight

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Hi can someone check why my dps is so low? Beside the obvious gem quality and some better items, is there something wrong with build?


Thank You !!!

Edit: I don't know why I took EO and Controlled Destruction that's why my dps was so low.
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can u post updated build tree and gear thanks
build is ok, but I am not confident using it for Tier 15 maps...
HP: 5709
I gain damage and life if I use a different amulet (see pob) with extra chaos damage.


Am wrong in thinking that Pandemonius adds more defense ? Or is it wasted on this build ?

Many thanks !
the pastebin link for skill tree doesn't work. can you please update it?

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