How the Synthesis Launch Went

That's good. Doesn't seem to be much point to engaging in actual Synthesis Nexus content since 1) random memories can pop up and block your planned paths at any time, even while running them, 2) there is an inordinate amount of backtracking, forwardtracking, and rebacktracking just to apply a single bonus to your current layout, which can still decay from a random spawn 3) currently no way to dump your 10 set pieces for better ones/ones you are actively searching for (i.e. one with NW/SW connectors) and no way to default better placements, 4) indoor Cavas memories with multiple connectors are so much more painful to run than outdoor ones.

The tabs and box stuff are great and all, but this league needs a big fat patch, pronto.
No fun allowed.™
boxes when!? D:
Meow meow secret mission meow


League just needs some tweeks. Biggest problem right now for me and alot of guildm8s is how the performance went to utter shit, esp syndicate members....
Glad to hear we are getting quick changes to the league mechanic.
Hopefully there is also a few tweaks to how betrayal was integrated poorly into main game (really need a "let syndicate member go" option that does nothing or something).
Hope to see some usability improvements as deep and complex league mechanic is great, but when 50%+ of that complexity is just due to poor usability design that is pretty bad.
Has been one of the only leagues where I have actively tried to avoid the league mechanic due to the bad usability.
There's never been a time when the game has Crashed as much as during these last few days. I'm beginning to fear loading screens!
Dudes need their beauty sleep too
Looking forward to Exilecon details.
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
map drops enabled when?
Bex_GGG wrote:
Today, we're going through the community feedback to address common complaints
That's cool and all, but when do we get actual bug fixes? At least for those bugs which were introduced in Synthesis and broke previously working items/interactions?
Unique Collection Tab

Does that mean what I think it means? Can I finally use all my 4x tabs for something else besides my unique collection!?

Who do I have to blow to hurry this up?
im really enjopy this league, i think is the best u had so far, and 2place Breach, love this content.. GG GGG

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