How the Synthesis Launch Went

( maybe I'm alone here, but I thought this was going to be a unique stash tab, yes I watched the video, but I had already bought it 4head) Can we get a unique stash tab in future? And just have a drop down menu on each unique to see the "alternate" ones we have. Or put a max of 4 or 5 on them, and have those numbers be under the picture like the "weapon swap" numbers. Even if the tab cannot be listed, this would be extremely useful for clearing out multiples (especially for standard clean up after league ends).

PS- Love the league hat being a pointed Wizard hat, more of this please !
bad league ((
Yep Garbage. If they continue like this, that 6.5% is just gonna keep adding up.
This was by far the worst league launch they've ever had. You can go look in the bug reports forum on xbox and pc and in general I would say this is the laziest untested launch they have ever had. Day 5 on xbox crashing every 3rd loading screen. We dont have syndicate crafts, we cant get anything adressed. Our mtx's are showing up as black and blue boxes. Our graphics are glitching out and showing red boxes around enemies. Our maps are being instance crashed. Literally everyone is having these issues. FIx ur shit.

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