Synthesis Gem Information

As expected vaal blight wasn't rebalanced with the spreading rot changes.
Wait, what's the Intensity cap ???!?
Onslaught Gem missing.
Wow energy leech support is OP. Damage is insane
Need to figure the new league start xD
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Time to choose Pepega
Wait, Temporal Chains gets ZERO quality bonus now against enemies that matter? Like not even half?
Some odd nerfs, but nevermind those, im VERY pleased to see all that phys damage and conversion on em spells. Makes for a great time scaling.
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I'm actually worried about the setup needed for Bane... Had hopes for synergy with Vixen's, but alas, it doesn't looks like that will be the case. So less beefing up Bane itself and more relying on the Curses?
Onslaught Support seems to be missing, and why is there no cap on the Intensify Support?

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