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nanwan wrote:
Uhrwurm wrote:

Burst Dps(Lets assume that you release after 10 stages against a boss): the avg damage would be ((175*10)*0.94+(175*10)*0.06*1.5)=1802.5
but it would take about 2.2 seconds, so the additional dps would be 1802.5*0.4545= 819.2363

The build-up time might be half that.

We'll see how it plays out, but I think each cast might be a stage, and then you get stages for each hit too (40% chance for normal/magic). So if you're in range of the boss for your channel to hit, you'd build up two stages per cast.


Its sad, because i like the look of Divine Ire and im probably gonna play it anyways and have to see how it goes :)

Likewise! =)

That would make a huge difference and i think you're right, it might work like this because of the wording "additional stage". There is also the question if the channeling damage would also be doubled against bosses then, because of the "damages 5 nearby enemies when you GAIN STAGES". So the dps would be doubled to around 2458 and that looks a loooot better for a channeling spell in comparison to a normal cast spell.

I guess then the 50% less damage while channeling would also make some more sense like that.
I'm sorry in advance for seeming ungrateful whitch I'm not. I really like all the love this game is getting from devs but there are some certain details that just make melee seem much worse than the last patch. Not only is energy shield getting some buffs when it comes to leech which I frankly am not against but nerfing the life leech mechanics while also nerfing some of the supporting skills for melee like Hatred which used to add 36% of physical damage as extra cold damage now adds overall 29.5% not counting added damage(added damage gets boosted by 18% which might make it actually better for something like Dex stacking but builds that don't use Dex stacking or bunch of added cold damage are affected by this and get reduced damage from this aura while devs said that it will be equaly good as the previous version) making it viable for spells but reducing the damage recieved for melee seems kind of harsh. But devs also mentioned that melee is going to get some love in the next patch so I am really looking for it. And as i recently got little bit in to spells as well these changes seem to be really juicy and nice and I'm looking forward to see how this league plays out :)

To devs: I really like your work and I think that you are some of the best devs
I've seen. Thank you for your really hard work and I'm looking forward to your new league :)
They said melee will be main focus in 3.7. They know "its shit" but they just do things their own way: instead making small changes to everything, they make huge changes to fix one problem and after that they focus on another problem.
es leech support-alot of damage,the best support for damage if slayer/ascendant
life leech support-10% increased while leeching

seems legit
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holy flame totem is now a channeling skill.


Infused support ( gain infusion dont work with totems )
i find this plain stupid.
yes totem get the phy-DR and element fire-DR

the infused 10% more damage why not let it work with holy flame totems???
Aynix wrote:
BrownTown86 wrote:
Am I reading the text incorrectly or is Infused Channeling Support completely busted? Let me get this straight: 8% less phys damage taken and 8% less damage taken from tags shared with your channeling skill. So if I'm using Lightning Tendrils (Spell, AoE, Lightning and Channeling) does that mean I'll be taking 16% less damage from all physical spell and AoE damage? Because I'm already getting 15% less damage taken with Trickster (Weave the Arcane and Escape Artist) so 31% of all phys damage that's a spell/AoE that count as a hit seems like a little much. Add the Tukohama Pantheon (character is channeling after all) and you get to 39% after 4 seconds of channeling. I don't even know how crazy it would get if you did something like "% of phys taken as lightning" along with all that since lightning is also a tag. Most physical damage would do practically nothing to you.

Lightning Tendrils is lightning spell, not physical spell, so you will get 8% less physical damage taken and 8% less lightning damage taken.
The question is if with Divine Ire, which has physical tag, we will get another 8% less physical damage taken or it will be 8% less lightning damage taken because it has both physical and lightning tag.

"Lightning" and "Spell" are two different tags. So doesn't all "Spell" damage get mitigated by 8%? If that is the case then all Physical and Lightning SPELLS should be mitigated by 16% if they worded it correctly on the gem info.

EDIT: I just tried it in-game and you're right. For some reason it doesn't count the spell tag, which means (surprise, surprise!) it needs to be reworded because as of right now it's incredibly confusing. Luckily the tooltip just straight-up tells you what's being mitigated but still. I'll still be using it, though. Still an insane gem, IMO.
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Fave part? Melee tweaks!
Infused Channeling support with Blade Flurry is amazing, no way they buffed melee skill
buff damage for holy flame totem pls, it's too weak

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