Synthesis Gem Information

What's the maximum intensity though?

Clearly it can't go past 8, but if the maximum intensity is, say, 3, then the gem sucks ass and you've completely failed to make hand-cast viable :/
that's some juicy soulrend damage, sheesh
very much PogChamp
Some of those new skills are OP as fuck, but that's expected with the flashy new stuff as always. Gimme that Malevolence gem, that thing is SPICY
As always shoutout to the Gem's visual designers. Always something I look forward to when new Skills are announced and they didn't disappoint this time either!
Hey GGG, could you guys also provide a spreadsheet of all the affected gems? The game has information for gems up to level 40, so could we get a spreadsheet with that information to make updating the wiki easier?
So, intensify. How many times can it stack? Fairly important info to leave off a gem description!
ES Leech support gem gets More damage but Life Leech gem doesn't? Wut.

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