Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Qarl wrote:
Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

Can we have the reasons behind this desicion? Please, please, we need to know :)
FedeS wrote:
Qarl wrote:
Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

Can we have the reasons behind this desicion? Please, please, we need to know :)

i can give you one: 3.6 is probably still in an awful and buggy state so they decided on something that their intern can implement while the other devs fix things. 3.6 will still be buggy though.
Xenombra wrote:
I don't want to explain to a new player all the stuff you can do in this game... But it will start with... Hey, do your story mode and don't give a shit about everything you see, they don't matter right now. The only thing that matter are end game stuff, but then.... You have to do maps, those maps give you encounter with strange people, most of them are insane, but some give great shit. One of the guys give you fuel to go inside a mine, where you fight lots of monster and protect a kart with a light on the top. One of them try to capture beast, he is a pokemon master who sacrifice is beast to get item. One try to make you kill people from the past to find a temple, you can find really good thing in the temple, but don't forget that you kill people to steal their shit. Then you have a crazy one who try to make you kill a cult of undead people, she like to kill them also. The last one will ask you if your are crazy, but gonna ask you to go in maps, in a maps to do something for her, and you might find even stranger people there. Also in your long travel in those maps you can find circular rock that can make a maps to go kill an ancient monster/goddess, killing her can make you find an other type of rock to kill an other monster/goddess... Yeah I know! If you do a lots of maps you can even find guardian, they also give rock but square, I know the game like rock... And maps look like rock also. You can also find little gem stone by fighting alien from an other dimension, part of money again blue alien and chest from golden alien... Yes I know, so many alien. If your stash tab are not full of rock and alien shit, you can find Essence to get more stuff in your stash, but you need a lots of them to get better essence. In the mine you can find artifact rock that you need to put into strange puzzle rock that can take place in your stash... Do you have place for money, nope, no money in the game.... Oh, no there is money in the game, if you find a big merchant he can take your coin for unique, but he is not always there. and the coin you need to kill golden alien to get it, don't ask. Anyway, wanna play

So a bunch of nerfs?
Hopefully with the multiple nerf to rewards the amount of time to unlock each safe house has been lowered, especially as we will be running way less encounters.
I've always wanted a level 100, but still didn't participate in anything like that this league, because buying and partying with breachstone groups is bullshit. Nerfing them and making them less common (and making them less dense, making boss drops "the same" and saying only XP changed) is therefore even dumber and exactly what I expected from you.

The whole scarab and safehouse system was already restrictive, expensive, and far too uncommon to justify anything close to having a stash tab slot for each tier of each type of scarab, even for someone who rolled a character designed solely to game the system. And now you're making that even more restrictive. Tunnel vision, GGG, will you never learn? You have got to stop balancing around the .01%.
(2-3-2019) Buff underused skills + selfcast, stop nerfing defense, build in threshold jewels, implement D3-style looting, add death log + MTX preview, actually rework flasks, stop balancing around the .01%, unnerf Harvest, ADD NEW WAYS TO LEVEL, finally implement Loot 2.0
Mostly great balance decisions.

Few things in this manifesto i'm concerned about.

1. Amount of gameplay time needed to spawn Mastermind.
According to my experience in Betrayal, it tooks me 50 hours of normal mapping to spawn Mastermind from scratch. In core, we will have 2.77 times less betrayal encounters than we had in Betrayal league
- 40% chance to spawn master in map;
- 20% chance to spawn atlas objective;
- equal weights of all 5 masters;
- guaranteed 3 betrayal encounters per map with Jun in it;
60% combined chance to have any master in map, 60%/5=12% chance to have Jun, 12*3=36 betrayal encounters out of 100 maps, 100/36 = 2.77
which means it will take 2.77 more time - 140 hours - to spawn Mastermind. Even in Betrayal league itself safehouse leaders should give more mastermind intelligence, but in core they should give way, way more intelligence. In core safehouse leader should give at least 5 times more mastermind intelligence than it currently does.

For comparison, full cycle of spawning-killing Uber Elder takes less than 1 hour.

2. Amount of gameplay time needed for unveiling items.
We have reduced number of ranks on many Veiled crafting modifiers, and most modifiers require more unveiling to gain higher tiers

In betrayal league i've unveiled thousands items over 300 hours, but still haven't found some veiled mods (even low-ranked ones). Now you are saying i will have to unveil even more items to unlock same amount of veiled mods, while there will be available 2.77 times less veiled items per hour of gameplay? Such amount of grind is ridiculous! Are you designing game for players who are able to invest at least 1000 hours into each league only to unlock one of many game mechanics?

Amount of experience to unlock veiled mod is need to be reduced by at least 5 times when betrayal will go core.

3. Weren't mentioned any balance changes of syndicate fights.
In Betrayal we were able to 'lock' syndicate encounters in research lab and do not interact with them at all because they are deadly (at least in red maps). In core we won't be able to do this because there will be guaranteed 3 different encounters. While i found this implementation of betrayal encounter great from game design point of view, i also have to say if we won't be able to avoid betrayal encounters during mapping in their current state - a lot of players will quit the game. Syndicate fights are unplayable in maps, they need to be greatly nerfed before they go core (for example, "syndicate members and their adds are not affected by map mods"), or give us checkbox "do not generate betrayal encounters in maps" in options (or any other way to prevent/avoid betrayal encounters in maps).
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Thank you!
Delving is the only thing that makes the league worth playing longer than 2 weeks. Please don't remove it from the game like this.
Qarl wrote:

We don't normally have a need to discuss the lore when a league becomes a core experience. In Betrayal we focused heavily on making the lore accessible, interesting and deep. We have received much more feedback about the characters and their interactions in Betrayal than we normally do, so thought we should cover this.

Some players have noted that some game lore has been lost from the game with the removal of the old master conversation options. We will be looking at places to re-include important elements of this information in future content.

Perhaps with lore that makes the old masters' actions in Betrayal make sense in light of their previous characterization?
Awakened Combustion Support when?
so you can still run a lvl 55 zone with a high lvl char with 500000% movement speed and no risk at all while doing the syndicate stuff and get the same rewards ?

ppl where making 300-500c or somehting per hour with this, thats kinda stupid i think. nerf the rewards on lower lvl, thats basicly the same as low lvl devling before.

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