Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hey! Interested in joining a chilled mature guild! Uk based but normally game till early hours! Can I have the link to the discord please? Thanks!

IGN - MowSmash
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Hello, I would like to join the guild
Hi, I would like to join the guild. From UK, started POE early 2014. Leagues and standard. Thanks.
Hello, I would like to be invited to the guild, I have been looking for a guild for a while and I think I am in the right one, I am a person who is moderately active (about 10 hours a week), I am a player who started in Sentinel and I would appreciate being invited.
Invite, please!

US Central Time player
hello i saw your post im on xbox and im a pretty new player
Hello. If you're still recruiting I'm interested in joining. I'm 34 and from Canada, play a few hours a day, more on weekends if no plans. I mostly play Standard league but once in a while I might try out a temp league if something interests me. I love hanging out in voice while mapping or stuff with guildies, It's almost more enjoyable than the game sometimes haha!
Just started playing. Would love to join if your still looking. Play every night CST. Id help with anything and play anything.
love to join if there is still a spot
Hello, I'm back to the game after a couple years and found out the guild i was in has disbanded.
I would like to join if there is a open spot.


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