Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Invite me too please.
Looking to play with people.
Too boring to play it alone.

I mainly play Hardcore.
I would like to join you guys for the new season.
Have played some, but still have a lot of concepts to figure out.
Hello, looking for nice ppl to play next league with, I have some experience but still soo much to learn :) greeting's from EU
Hey there, I would like to join you all as well. Not new, but also haven't gotten a build to 100 yet. Looking for folks to trade with, theory-craft, and just chat with.
USA east coast looking for a guild. Been a while since I played. Embarrassingly I forgot the guild I was originally in. lol.
I am looking for a new guild, last one disbanded.
US Central time zone
Play 2-3 hours a day if not more.
Hello's. I would like an invite if possible.
Hi! is the guild still recruiting? i know its been 4 years already, but still, haha. Would be active

Hi if your still recruiting could i get an invite

I would like to join you

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