Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Mature and chill gamer looking to join a guild for grouping with people, chatting while playing and general socializing.

I'm lithuanian, 30 years old. I've played in the past before Betrayal league and decided to try the game out again this league. Tend to be online every day.

IGN DJohnson

Hey there, looking for a guild. you guys still recruiting? I am a new player.. about 3 months. Just looking for a place to hang my hat and chat.

IGN Smashgrab
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i would love an invite i am dolacor in game and my discord is alkire#5802

Would love to join the guild!

Discord: Marcola#1361
hey, i wanna join a mature compact active guild with discord.
M/35/paraguay been playing since 2.6 2.7 Breach/Legacy leagues
I would like to check out the activity in the guild been in another guild for a very long time but most of em folks starting to get bored of poe after a few years been playing since act 2 came out

Discord: Nelton#7053
I'd like to join ig: HymensSlayer
I just started to play again, will like to join
Would love to join

Disc: nujiabaes#5226

It sounds fun, lets see how chill it would be. Hopefully more than others ive been in.

Looking into a invite.

IGN; xqiun

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