Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Would like to join your guild thanks.
I am interested in joining. Please contact me when you get a chance. Thanks!!
If you're still looking for folks I'd be interested!

I'm fairly new to POE and ARPGs in general. Back in college I played some D3 and POE with a roommate but never got too into either game. I'm really looking for a fun group of people go jump into the game with, so I'd definitely be interested in joining.

I'll be available most weekday evenings for 1-4 hours after I get off work at 5pm EST, depending on what I've got going on. Fridays and Saturdays are generally not goo, but Sundays I'll generally be around as well.

I want to join your Guild. How can I apply?

Best regards,
Would like to join need people to play it with
Hi there, Betrayal was my first league and I'm looking forward to Synthesis v much. I'm based in Central USA. I don't have a mic if that's a deal-breaker. I am typically active in text chats though. lmk
I'm quite new to POE. Played one character before for a few days last year (level 85) but playing only solo did not keep me at the game too long.
Trying again this season, super excited and hopefully with some chill people to message and party with.
I'm not looking for any boosts or carrys or anything, but rather people to discover the game and share excitement with.
CET time zone here, will be active the minute of season start, pretty much this whole weekend and hopefully a lot longer.
I always enjoyed diablo 3 season starts, played very intensely and looking forward to discover poe the same way :)
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Hi! I would like to join a Guild, but my English is not very good..
hey. I played for 2 months last season and still don't entirely get the game. Looking for a chill guild thats helpful and just fun overall. Eastern Time zone here.
Hey. This sounds right up my alley. Im 28 and pretty tilt proof, looking for a chill enviroment to hang out whilst playing, be it discord or ingame chat

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