Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

I'm 24 and pick poe up again in Betrayle.
Now I searching for a guild to Hang around with.
If you still have room for me i would gladly join.
MFG Kurie
Took a break for betrayal league, would love to join to hang out and learn the changes with you guys for synthesis league. Eastern time zone here.
Would love an inv. need some friends for synthesis
Add me in game! Currently looking for a long term group!
My character name is Vindicious.
Add me too :)
IGN: ApegaLendária
I'm down to be a part of a guild! IGN: Bantunoi
Looking to join the guild, Would love to play with others
IGN: DarkStarHachibi
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I would like to join! May I join your guild?
Hello look like a great guild would like a invite please
In game name is raynnor
Hello. I'm fairly new even tho acct is older. Looking for laid back ppl to play and chat with.

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