Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hey I would like to join the guild:)
I'll join. Just looking for a mature guild to chat with as I slay monsters. I don't really use discord, instead relying on the in-game chat. Yeah I'm old school lol.
My IGN is: Lovecraftian_Nightmare
Yes, Poe needs an Auction House.

Would like to join the guild, IGN: DT_Templarz

Looking for a new guild. I meet your requirements and am USA based
Texas US based. Please shoot me an invite!
Inv me :)
East Coast US; Early Riser; Love to join a Guild for some co-op.

IGN: CrustyTheBear
Hello I want to join.
IGN: SucccMaCoC
May I join? Looking for a good group of people to party up within Legion. I'm fairly new but learn quickly and have done well following several build guides. My account name is ThamHanks.
Would like an invite if you still have room.


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