Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

invite please, i am a new player
Looking for Guild...have a few toons in Legion pretty active player. Would like invite ty :)

IGN ArcticDread
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I'm level 62 Duelist player trying to find a guild.

Charactername: Falconrake
yo im new and looking for a guild :) inv me pls
ing: ollayre
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hi, i'm a newish player and looking for some relaxed people to hang out with in discord.
I would like you join your guild. New player that would like to play with others.

Since you are a NA guild and i am from europe i have to ask if you can handle one or two trump jokes a week.

Anyways, i play since maybe 4 or 5 weeks and like the game so far.
I am a bit older player and also play battlefield v.

It would be nice to have people to talk to on discord.
If you want just invite me.

IGN: Textroyer
hi, can i join :D?
in game name itzlBuGsY

would like to find a place to call home so hoping to find it here

dicord name BuGsY#0156
Somewhat new to POE given the time its been out. Cant believe i didn't get into it earlier. I am not however new to PC gaming in general. I am looking for an occasional group challenge, and learning to use the trade market. 3 extra tabs & currency filling to max with quality stuff.

Im either on POE, working or playing disc golf.

Im down with the chill & mature audience.

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