Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hello, i have am relatively new in the game, i would like to joint a nice support guild to do challenge and kills bosses.
I would love to join as i am trying to get back into the game after a large hiatus.... let me know what I need to do!

IGN MotherAnduriel
Hey. new player here, but not new to brutal looter RPGs. I am definitely starting our casually but would love a chill group to learn the ropes with.

28 yo, M, NA
Discord: Surge#6904
InGameName: VoidanceOfOriath
Hi, I would like to join and give multiplayer a go, haven't played it much. Standard only, lvl 95. Mapping high end maps and heists mainly.


New to the game and looking for a group to get established with while hopefully learning a thing or two. made it to lvl 90 and lookn to push further. I can see myself playing the future leagues and possibly into PoE2 when that hits.

IGN: Ophils
Hi, just finished Act 10 and started endgame :)

IGN: zuodziej
Hey, just started playing POE. Looking for a guild to show me the ropes and socialize.
I'm new but active, social and trying to learn as much as possible before league start.

IGN: Shiftiee
Hi! Very new to the game and started to play as my friends hyped it up. Are there any discord groups or guilds that accept beginner players? Would love to join and get better at understanding/playing the game.
hi i want to join guild
ing casperka

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