Path of Exile Hideout Competition

my new hideout

i hope u like

This is my other submission to the competition. This hideout Catarina's old temple from before she became the Mastermind and is located deep in an evil forest. It was here where she demanded sacrifices and learned to use the powers that we all have seen. This hideout uses the Unearthed layout.

Video, but be warned, its a bit choppy:


hideout file:
Video has been taken down. Thanks for those who checked it out and congrats on many amazing layouts!
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Mushroom Harvest (Unhearthed Hideout)


The gallery :
The Petrified Court (Enlightened Hideout)


Center of the Red Park

Cold Face of the Judge

The Jury Cursed Into Stillness

Rancor of the Executed

My first attempt at making a hideout with an actual theme, I hope to improve my hideout crafting in the future.
Name: Brine Outpost
Hideout: Coral Hideout
Theme: Island trading post

North gate and market square

Fortification and garden

Village and well

Quarry and fish stall

Hunter's encampment

South gate and storage

Animal cages

Pillaged encampment

Altar of Tsoagoth

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Here's one from me.

Ossuary Lounge

Depository for the bones of dead made somewhat more habitable by new masters and certain exile :)

The theme inspired by Shaper's realm with each occupant having their surroundings reflecting themselves and their interest(Although it's done by other means than reshaping reality). Considering Alva's ability to travel through time, Zana's to reach other worlds and Niko's technological prowess, and Einhar's tendency to appear anywhere out of nowhere they have everything they need to adapt the place to their taste and needs.
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The Azurite Mine


The Coral Biome:

The Magma Biome:

The hidden Reliquary room, found behind a fractured wall:

The Azurite Chamber:

The Azurite Chamber (With mining shafts):
The Crossroads (Enlighttened Hideout)

You appear in a mysterious place, is that a Gods Realm?

and hear a voice " Come near Exile"

It's seems the statue as spoken, you come near.
"What do you want?"
"It's time for you to make a choice and to select a master, wich road will you choose? When you are ready, burn your choice in my flame and you will be reward with a new talent"

1 - Will you follow the path of Assasination, the agility will be your's but you will have to follow some unwavering rules, those graved in stone. You will loose your freewill. Go talk to Jun.

2 - Will you become a Necromancer, and live forever? but you will loose your soul and your human life. Go talk to Catarina.

3 - Will you choose the Justice path, and become rich? In exhange you have to be always objective and have no family nor friends. Go talk to Alva

4 - Will you choose the Warrior path? The strong will be your's but your road will be tainted in blood. Go talk to Zana

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A simple hideout inspired by Firelink Shrine and the Kiln of the First Flame in Dark Souls 3.

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