Path of Exile Hideout Competition

hello this is my Hideout The Theme is Royalty But Down
Below There Is More Then Meets The Eye
Hope you guys like
Ps first time editing acually trying to edit a hideout
Hinekora's Eternal Vigil

Base: Baleful Hideout.

Had a blast building this, thanks GGG for giving us the chance to create.
Now presenting! Venom ink; malice in the pen, poison on the paper, anger in the mind.

Brought to you by Dat LLC, in partnership with Harassment Industries.

*Disclaimer* No actual products are being sold, shipped or presented. *End of disclaimer*
The Wraeclastian Snow Queen

Most must have heard of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale "The Snow Queen" after the popular Disney adaption. Here is my take on building a hideout that tells the story.
There might be a few Frozen easter eggs.


Full imgur post with descriptions:

The town:

The castle:

The snowy forest:

The Snow Queen's castle:


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I've kept this setting low on the video because it has a lot of drop fps...
Shadows + Gi Quality

Full Album

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Enchanter's rest

Special thanks to Empyrian for reviewing it.
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Heres my submission! Tried to make the smallest hideout i could. Enjoy!
3rd entry. Noob powers activate.



Hideout used: Excavated

Name: Lushbugush

I'm not as talented as most of the other contestants in this competition BUT I actually like doing this. Win or not, I thank U GGG for what U are doing. No more entries from me. Lol..
Didt this competition end 11 days ago? or at least end 11 days ago for submissions cause if the competition is pushing the end date for submissions I think itd be good to know...
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After overhauling my Overgrown Hideout - here we go:

Overgrown Hideout


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