Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Glacial Hideout
I spent quite a bit of time on my hideout yesterday. Some of the new decorations are amazing! Lucky to wake up to the competition announcement.

Guilded Hideout:

Throne Room:

Map Room:

Crafting Room:


Target Practice (where my wanders at):

More images at the full album:

Or use command "/hideout TriggeredBySegmentFault"

**Last Room with catarina I have to give credit to Path_of_DerroK for the moon well. Really liked the looks so I decided to put one with her
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Vaal Ruins hidden in Karui mountains (Brutal Hideout)

Top floor didn't fit in my Vaal theme so i removed it from existance.
Boom, skata sti mouri sas.
Hi i cant find a title for my hideout so i just called it " some dead and holy stuff " *shrug*

maybe someone likes it !

Hey fellow exiles.

This is the hideout i made; mostly wanting something simple to be used during autumn. Enlightened Hideout in honor of my boy Elreon who provided me with Rank 7 hideout in the first 3 days of every league, may he RiP now that he is the one of the worst chars in betrayal lol.

Here is a sneak peek.

Some gr8 hideouts btw in this thread, i'm drooling just looking at some.
Name: Fractured Dimension

Concept: My goal was to make a hideout that evokes the feeling of different areas and chunks of Wraeclast and Oriath have been displaced, perhaps by some Shaper/Elder related mishap, alongside the masters that live in them.

The golden dragon hideout


Here you can find source code and printscreen + video:

2 MTX used from races rewards, beast eye and raptor, everything else without MTX.

Very noob work, but I found it funny for me.

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I hope, you enjoy your stay in our secluded hideout.

Theme: Warm Embrace of a Graveyard

Edit: Due to video quality had to re-render and re-upload it. Updated the link.
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Theme - Overgrown Tomb

Video -


Magic the Gathering has inspired me throughout my life and I wanted to create a hideout that would be what you would find inside the art of Steven Belledin's Overgrown Tomb.

I also wanted to keep it simple, elegant, and to keep the original theme of the hideout and its original decorations.

This is my first detailed hideout, I just love opening the game to come back to it and I thought I would share to the Devs and community.
I made a nice Garden Estate from the "Lush Hideout" to relax between maps

export file:

The only MTX are a couple of sunlight shafts and some falling leaves, which could be omitted without losing the feel of the hideout. I had a lot of fun putting this together, and thank you for looking!
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