[3.5] CheeQu's CoC Ice Nova Assassin - Up to 7m Shaper DPS + Amazing Clearspeed [In-Depth Guide]

HDTanel wrote:
Still no updates to PoB etc? :D
edit: oh finally updates in first post.
QUESTION: Is it not worth getting Phase Acro???? :]

Anyway I am leveling this from zero with no gear and it is a breeeeeze.
I´ve played tons of different WinterOrb builds before and leveling with Freezing Pulse from 1-8 and then with ARC 8-28 and then switching to Winter Orb.. at 38 Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear 4 link and everything dies in a few seconds, including the thoughest of bosses, atm in ACT VIII. Also no deaths.
So just for league start this is a great way to get you to maps and then switch when you are comfortable!

I also feel this might actually be a better for Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear as Assassin.. tree is very similar to my Elementalist version.. like almost exactly the same.

So I am already liking how versatile this build can be if you don´t have the gear straight away you can still do amazing damage to everything.

Some info on what links I did:

1-8 Freezing Pulse-Added Lightning-Added Cold
8-28 ARC-Added Lightning-Controlled Destruction-Elemental Profileration (Really only need 3link with +1 wand until 28-33 or so when you get WinterOrb from SIOSA or buy it from a player at 28 as it´s a quest reward originally from Marmoa for killing Gravicius).
28-38 WinterOrb-Lesser Multiple Projectiles-Added Cold Damage-Controlled Destruction
38-Switch LesserMultipleProjectiles to GreaterMultipleProjectiles
38-Maps (or from ACT VI) WinterOrb-IceSpear-CastWhileChanneling-GreaterMultipleProjectiles

Other then that.. Arctic Armour, Herald of Ice with Onslaught or Curse on Hit with Enfeeble or Blasphemy Enfeeble like original poster said and maybe Herald of Thunder aswell.
Also using Shield Charge with Fortify atm :) for extra zoomzoom alongside FlameDash plus nice phys reduction from Fortify

edit: Oh, I did one LAB in ACT IV aswell and chose OPPORTUNISTIC

Hello, sorry for the late response. I included a tree version in the main post with phase acro as well as my thoughts on it!

Also thank you for these leveling tips, I updated the leveling section based on your tips and credited you, as I'm not a leveling master myself :P
mistuhdo wrote:
How does assassin coc compare with ascendant coc?

Hey! For Ascendant I guess you'd probably go for Assasin + Inquisitor combo. I'd expect a little less damage overall and little slower clearspeed (less movement speed) from that in exchange for a little bit more maximum life via Might of the Meek jewel. Here is a guide I found for ascendant coc ice nova with blade flurry
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Aim_Deep wrote:

You're not doing anything wrong.. (nice gear BTW). it's a melee build thats not a juggernaut which means issues for some ppl :P Has all the right parts though... chills/freezes, fortify, leeches, high HP, defensive flasks and chest, etc... but yes you cant make a lot of mistakes. I started this build at 96 with 6400 life so I am unfamiliar with death until I did UE. Handled all the other boss fine.

In the past how we got by melee's inherent weakness was by vaal pact -

Check out some my old build guides on ice nova/dischargers all use VP ..https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1096765

one can still cheat it in STD with legacy Aquity but otherwise it's jugg or range melee skills like BF. Real melee, like actually touching enemy is precarious if you let them hang around too long. This build has such great DPS should not be a problem until uber/phases. And if you're good should be fine. I finally did it with 3 portal left.

Anyway sorry for rant but this is a tier 1 build IMO. Great AOE, Great Boss killer. Has it all. you just have to play well like all melee cept jugg at high level without instant leech or immunities both since nerfed to oblivion..

You sir know your stuff! You pretty much said everything right, I agree with all of it.
Glad to know you are enjoying the build at such a high level already!
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wow as luck would have it found in SSF 10 minutes ago ..gonna start over with this excellent build. Everything else is gravy to find/chance...
Git R Dun!
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Hi there. Can you tell, for what reason you add "Nearby Enemies take 20% Increased Elemental Damage" on your cospri's (POB link)???
daiur wrote:
I'm running the increased curse enchant :) I saw the gem setup without pandemonius, but thats 1k chromes on average. After spending 4k chromes in trying for a 3g3b loreweave (average calculated was something like 300 chromes) i think that if i'd try coloring the helmet i'd probably throw something at my monitor :)

You don't need to use chromas to color your helmet to 3b and 1 green. Use the socket method.

- Get 2 blue sockets on your helmet, craft 3rd socket using the crafting bench, if you get 3 blue sockets, go for the 4th one. If you don't get a 3rd blue socket, just go back to two sockets and repeat.
Burgate wrote:
Hi there. Can you tell, for what reason you add "Nearby Enemies take 20% Increased Elemental Damage" on your cospri's (POB link)???

Hey there. Bonechill is not yet support by PoB do that's why. Vortex with these support gems chills for about 20%. I'll add a little description there to make it more obvious.
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Thanks for all the help I got in this thread @aimdeep, spacespcs and killtolive :) Just got 3b1r on helmet using the jewelers method
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Why doesn't this build take advantage of limit of 2 Frozen Trail unique jewels?

Sorry if this was answered in the previous pages..
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CrimsonWoe wrote:
Why doesn't this build take advantage of limit of 2 Frozen Trail unique jewels?

Hello, Frostbolt's only role in this build is to double up our Ice Nova's damage through their interaction. We only need 2 frostbolt projectiles for this. A jewel with life and crit multi will be far more valuable than a second frozen trail.

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