[3.5] Suck's First Level 100 Winter Orb Elementalist Guide! (BSC) Uber Elder/Atziri


This will save you alot from physical damage!

Cast when damage taken(Level 1!!)
Immortal Call(Level 3!!)
Vaal Righteous Fire(Level 20!!)
Increased Duration(Level 20)

You have to selfcast Vaal Righteous Fire.
In the lower levels of Vaal Righteous Fire Cast when damage taken will trigger it. Just buy a higher Vaal Righteous Fire.
danilotron wrote:
I am following this guide, with 80 chaos budget for startrsd. im starting mapping just now and im doin just fine. But i have a big question , anyone that could answer me this;

When cast when damage taken activate vaal righteous fire , i start loosing TOO MUCH LIFE, because of its effect, but in this guide video i didn see him losing life with righteos fire. Am i doing something wrong? should I unlink righteous fire and only leave immmortal call?

Im a beginner, soz,

Hope someone can answer me!


Cast When Damage Taken has a stipulation on it saying that it will activate gems linked to it with a required level or lower. You need to make sure that your Righteous Fire is higher level than that required level so that Cast When Damage Taken does not trigger it.

Also make sure you arent using the regular Righteous Fire portion of the skill and only use the Vaal portion of the skill.
I looks like you offhand / shield section is missing from your gear guide.
Looks really fun, unfortunately really expensive. I do have inpulsa, but the other items are going to cost a ton as well. Something to work towards I guess.
PeopleReady wrote:
How does Inpulsa work for this build, as the build does cold damage but Inpulsa’s effect of exploding enemies only applies to shock damage?
You sexy bitch! As if you made a guide on this. Congrats. Proud of you homie!
I am following this build after I already started working on a winterorb character. I have one question however, where does on obtain the 'Cannot be frozen' craft? I've been scouring around on the wiki, but without any luck!
Took a little bit of currency to swap over from BV to this, but it's definitely the best build I've ever played after acquiring everything needed for it. It just zooms through maps and even bossing seems relatively decent with it, having done a bunch of shapers and an uber elder with it.

Only thing I was wondering was the difference between 40% WO damage and +2 stages on helm, as I am currently running 40% damage out of necessity and am wondering how much the switch would be worth it to replace my current enchant.

Thanks for the guide, I appreciate it and if WO isn't touched, I'll be running this next league aswell.

Currently 97, will be taking it to 100.
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Hi Suck, first of all, congrats on the first level 100 winter orb elementalist!

Now... I reach maps for the first time on this league (congrats for me too I guess haha), but I'm not enjoying the build I'm following very much (an Ele Hit Deadeye and a Consecrated Path Chieftain), so now I'm looking for a new build... I'm trying to make a BC Occultist CI build that a guy suggested me but I'm find quite hard to stay alive for while haha (cap resist, level 46) so... I'm now looking for a new build to git gud.

Anyway, I was thinking about 3 builds:
Tri Herald BV
Storm Brand Elementalist.

I know you probably will say that yours would be the best haha, but since I'm relavitely new to the game I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I not even sure if you can help me with that but what I'm looking for on a build basicaly is:
- Good clear speed
- Can do lots of map mods (even better if all of them, but I'm not even sure if its possible)
- Can kill all bosses (no need for those 1 shot biggest bosses)
- Not so squishy (I believe thats my biggest problem with my Ele Hit Deadeye)

I know you said your build have good clear speed and its not nooby friendly but I'm 100% willing to learn how to play Winter Orb, and your guide will help me alot if I end up playing Winter Orb.

To be honest, I think all of those three builds can do what I'm looking for in a build haha but the thing is... theres so many different builds in this game that I think I'm in need for a word of advice.

Best of luck mate, and happy holidays!

Tried Triple BV build but i can't down Uber Elder (maybe im suck :c).
After change to this winter orb build. I've done my first uber elder deathless.

+1 for this build.

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