[3.5] Suck's First Level 100 Winter Orb Elementalist Guide! (BSC) Uber Elder/Atziri

I played Storm Brand to 95, then got bored and tried this out...damn, it's even better at the whole 'spam quicksilver and phase run and don't stop to cast' thing. Way more expensive though, blank helm with WO enchant is 4ex, the gloves are 2ex, inpulsa's 9ex...oh well guess I have something to keep me not bored now :D

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Hoping you can take a look at my gear and let me know where I can get the biggest bang for my buck in terms of upgrading.

Im thinking the wand and 6L the Inpulsas should be pretty easy. Maybe a better belt?

Aspect of the Spider ring definitely needs an upgrade but Im looking at the Mark of the Shaper + Elder Ring (Do I need warlords mark with leech on boots?) so I guess I would upgrade my belt into an Aspect of the Spider belt.

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Can someone please tell me what are the hidden mechanics of Winter Orb mentioned in the build? (I mean the Cons part where it says its not 'Nooby friendly')
Having played WO twice with two different builds and enjoying WO's clear speed I was a bit underwhelmed with the single target. I was following a couple of streamers and in terms of single target I didn't want to do a staff weapon swap or rely on Vaal BV. I also want to use Inpulsa's for the crazy clear speed (the Explosion as Fire sceptre was a nice alternative tho but the single target of that build still wasn't to my liking, esp at high level). I ended up changing to Occ.

Thank you so much for pulling this together as this looks exactly like the build I was trying to find (am not good at theroy crafting).

Leveling a new Ele now to give it a try and will try my 6-Link luck :D Thanks again and grats on 100!
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- Movement skill setup -
Arcane Surge(Level 20)
Flame Dash
Faster Casting

Quick question, are you self casting Arcane Surge? In most setups I've seen that's low level so it's triggered by the movement skill. Is the idea to max out and self cast to get the 10% more multiplier and cast speed vs a low level?

Is keeping this low level viable or will the cast speed hit us too much without a faster casting support on WO.

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What are the fossils to craft weapons on ssf? I try ~50 craft with frigid+prismatic, and dont craft anithing good?/
Question, Why Cannot be frozen on boots if you still can be chilled. Think I am missing something.
How does Inpulsa work for this build, as the build does cold damage but Inpulsa’s effect of exploding enemies only applies to shock damage?
I am following this guide, with 80 chaos budget for startrsd. im starting mapping just now and im doin just fine. But i have a big question , anyone that could answer me this;

When cast when damage taken activate vaal righteous fire , i start loosing TOO MUCH LIFE, because of its effect, but in this guide video i didn see him losing life with righteos fire. Am i doing something wrong? should I unlink righteous fire and only leave immmortal call?

Im a beginner, soz,

Hope someone can answer me!


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