[3.7] Ice Spear Miner - Fun & Fast Machine Gun Simulator, Great League Starter

Originally I had picked up Explosives Expert rather than Demolitions Specialist because I hadn't played with mines too often in the past and didn't understand how good Demolitions Specialist really is. Shortly put, you should notice an immediate improvement in the amount of mines you're able to detonate, even while being evasive.

Your gear seems to be pretty much in order. Of course there is room for improvement but, as you said, it isn't something you want to fully invest in until you're committed to the build. Keep trying to get that last green socket, however, Phase Run provides some awesome mobility that really reduces the time you spend between packs and makes everything feel silky smooth.

On another note, sorry I haven't been posting regular updates like I had been earlier in the league but I rolled another character to quickly farm syndicate in Harbor Bridge (Flicker Strike) so that I can get the syndicate related challenges done more quickly and haven't made any more significant changes to the miner. My gear isn't perfect, but I expect upgrades on that front will be few and far between at this point.
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It would be awesome if you could update the PoB pastebin before the start :D
I will likely be doing that soon, now that we have more information available. I believe the build should be mostly untouched, possibly receiving a slight buff in damage and survivability.
IGN: LepreTuggler
This build is good to go. Nothing changed other than slight buff from 3.6 Ice Spear.
How about using fork or chain for clear speed?

Edit:I have learned why we can't use either chain or fork
"Ice spear's form change is triggered on distance from that spear's origin - in the case of chaining, each time it chains it has a new origin (the monster it chained from) so will start in the first form until it moves far enough from that monster."
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Hey guys, I've made an updated Path of Building tree for the 3.6 update, the build looks like it will excel again as it it avoided any nerfs and was actually slightly buffed. Once the official website supports 3.6 trees, I will add a link for that as well (for everyone out there who doesn't use path of building).

This is a great build to start the league with, almost all of the gear should be relatively cheap at league start (dream fragments, clear mind, and cloak of defiance might take a few days to drop in price, but they shouldn't be unobtainable), and it works just fine on a 5-Link until you're able to 6-Link your staff. Getting the colors you need on your staff can be tricky, so I recommend you hoard chromatics as if they were exalts.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in 3.6!
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How is it to leveling with ice spear on a 4L , on ACT 7/8/9 do you struggle to kill mob pack ?
I'll assume there is no problem on boss
After you get Piercing Shots on the tree, Ice Spear works just fine for clearing packs on a 4-Link. Ideally you would have a 4-Link Tremor Rod, but Ice Spear + Remote Mine + Minefield + Greater/Lesser Multiple Projectiles should be enough to get by with until you have a 5-Link. Up until you get Piercing Shots though, I wouldn't even bother using Ice Spear, as it can be painful when you get too close to a pack of mobs.
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What would you recommend for pathing with this ridiculous new wheel near the Shadow start? It feels like there's only bad options for pathing.
Agreed, that new wheel is awful, I'll take a look at it and see what can be done.

Edit: This seems to be the best solution at the moment, it requires you spend some extra points but its the best way I can see to navigate this ridiculous wheel. You should be able to redistribute points from elsewhere on the tree to make up for those lost here. The easiest thing to do would be dropping one or two low value life/mana nodes. (You will end up with more than enough life and mana for this not to be an issue)

IGN: LepreTuggler
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