Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

How abot the Champions assendacy skill "Inspirational", you said this when u released war banner skills:

"The Champion's "Inspirational" skill has been changed, providing some unique benefits for Banners, INSTEAD of causing you and allies to deal increased damage. These include a heal effect on placing a banner and a removal of the Banner reservation cost.

And now u say this:

"Inspirational" NOW ALSO causes your Banner skills to reserve no mana, recover 20% of planted Banner Stages when you cast a banner while you have a banner planted, and causes you and nearby allies to recover 0.5% of maximum life per Banner stage when you plant a banner. It also grants 15% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills.

So do u still get that dmg aura and movement speed aura on that "Inspitational" assendanccy or not?
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Bye Bye VD Builds :(

If you mean immune PF bullshit build then it's F good they did that. That shit should never happen to PoE and basically ruined any sense of pushing delve.

No what he meant was Volatile Dead builds that used Zerphi's Last Breath flask for up to 20k life regen per second. That wasn't a PF immune build.

Yes you are correct tho the PF build should absolutely never have been possible it's total bullshit.

I am referring to neither. I ran a Hierophant VD with Indigon and Poets Pen this past league, and in the new League Indigon is going to take a crazy kick in the nuts halving the dps of this build.
About Flask change

I suppose it would be a measure against 100% immune builds. But it is nerf for all builds as a matter of fact.

Ele Res Flasks increase maximum res by 6% now. This corresponds to 24% damage reducing when player has 75% res. The effect should not be nerfed in 75% res which is the state of most players.
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no bv or gc changes despite statstick removal, glad to see you dont play the game.

Stat sticks values were halved. Glad to see you don't read the text

you can't use melee skills that are not compatible with your offhand weapons anymore, ie. sceptures ie. stat sticks. Glad to see you don't read the text

You can shield charge with a dagger, sword, or sceptre.

You can leap slam if you're using 2 swords or sceptres (swords can roll stat stick mods on them too)

You can whirl with swords and daggers.

You're still losing.
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The statsticks have been nerfed not because they were OP but because it was too easy/cheap to get them which results in less grinding (more real life time). GGG don't want that. G-G-G...ay
Honestly, I was expecting a Gladiator buff. And bleeding, perhaps. Banner for Champion I can understand but... Impale was good for GL.

I'm sad.
Will my current hideout be wiped clean? D:

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz flasks no longer grant added maximum resistances. Instead, they each reduce the damage taken of their respective elements by 20%

Ouch :(
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Ahhhhhhhhh … comedy in patch notes is such a relief! Keep making things fun.

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