Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Rouxsale wrote:
talichan wrote:
no bv or gc changes despite statstick removal, glad to see you dont play the game.

Stat sticks values were halved. Glad to see you don't read the text

you can't use melee skills that are not compatible with your offhand weapons anymore, ie. sceptures ie. stat sticks. Glad to see you don't read the text

You can shield charge with a dagger, sword, or sceptre.

You can leap slam if you're using 2 swords or sceptres (swords can roll stat stick mods on them too)

You can whirl with swords and daggers.

You're still losing.
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The statsticks have been nerfed not because they were OP but because it was too easy/cheap to get them which results in less grinding (more real life time). GGG don't want that. G-G-G...ay
Honestly, I was expecting a Gladiator buff. And bleeding, perhaps. Banner for Champion I can understand but... Impale was good for GL.

I'm sad.
Will my current hideout be wiped clean? D:

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz flasks no longer grant added maximum resistances. Instead, they each reduce the damage taken of their respective elements by 20%

Ouch :(
#1 rule of official forum boards of every video game ever: use the forums to relay info, gather suggestions, or the rare narrow-focused Poll; but NEVER as "feedback".

#2 rule: Never say the #1 rule in an official capacity. Let some guy on the forums say it, leaving yourself plausible deniability.
Ahhhhhhhhh … comedy in patch notes is such a relief! Keep making things fun.
Great patch notes! I was wondering if they also come live on standard mode when the new season starts or only on new characters? Especially the new skill and passive tree changes.
They will go core... except for, of course, everything Syndicate related.
Fruz wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
REPORT IT...they might not know about it.

I see that you could not be bothered to spend 10 sec doing a google search and thought that it was smarter to add a post to this thread ...

You could have responded in a nice way. Instead you made an effort to be a d1ck.
For shame.
What would Jesus do...he would put coal in your christmas sock !
Tomorrowtech wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
hellfireNZ wrote:
So is cospris malice getting a 150ms reduction? didnt see it there

If it isn't mentioned..then probably not :S ?

I believe all the items are getting the cooldown treatment.. mjolner, cospri, etc.

Quoted from Bex

"Cast on …
When looking at unique item balance, some items that offered triggered effects had their cooldowns reduced. It was difficult to do this without also looking at other triggered effects. As a result, the Cast on Critical Strike Support and Cast on Melee Kill Support will also have their cooldowns reduced."

So the way i am understanding this is basically 2.4 is back with a hard cap of about 20 spells a second when using coc gem and dual trigger weapons.. before cwdt extras.. (Melee not dead.. just use it to cast a fukton of spells :)

Im going full on melee, probaBLY recreating my first build from back when i started. Berserker EQ / crit eq late might suck..but what the heck..i believe that you can work around the nerfes, if youre creative enough :D

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