Skill Reveal: Armageddon Brand

when did u reveal storm brand?
It does seem a little clunky compared to something like ice orb or the new impalement skills.

With enough investment from the passive tree and overpriced empower/+skill corruptions perhaps it could be a bit better than it seems.
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This seem like and unwieldy skill to use. But other than than that, cool story bro!
will brand recall be supportable to modify the recalled brand (increased area, duration, decay etc?)
Brands Inquisitor Spell cascade confirmed.
Now, only last information reminds.
Does it works with traps and mines ? :D
Brand new day

DieAbolicaL wrote:
when did u reveal storm brand?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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Sooo you can cast it beforehand and it acts like a homing missile trap?
That won't be op, no way!
Don't use this skill gem, seriously guys dont even consider it! :D
DieAbolicaL wrote:
when did u reveal storm brand?

I also paused at that line. I checked the Forum Announcements and PoE YouTube and still nothing-- anyone know where it's at? I found a vid from a non-PoE source dated Nov 14 and if that is it, it looks pretty sweet. Same mechs as this one, but with lightning that chains.

Looks like fun.
Brands, banners, focus, etc.
Okay i wasn't in this boat before, but now i kinda do think the skill panel needs some work :D.

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