Skill Reveal: Armageddon Brand

Nice reveal! as well ass the reveal about passives ;)
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So... it's like totems, but better; why not just revamp totems?
gunpleazy wrote:
I miss Mac Miller :'(

Same here, I was listening to his music a lot shortly before his death, felt kinda weird a few weeks later he passed away, I used to listen to his stuff way back in the MW2 Trickshot days.

I miss Peep, a lot.
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Looking good.
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I'm already trying to theory craft a totem version of this in my head. Haven't been this excited for a new skill in a while.
Neat for sure, but I'm a bit skeptical of its viability. Branding and recalling seem clunky for clearing. Maybe they'll be amazing for single-target though?
Looks amazing.
Kinda sad it is 1 big hit each time.

I was specting falling meteors like the ones Abberath summons.
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holy!!!!!!! now i need to go change my pants... that looks sexy and fuq
new brand passives? guess you could call them brand new.
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