Skill Reveal: Armageddon Brand

Look interesting ;P{|
Death needs not your understanding. It needs only your loyalty, and your 5% experience... :D
"Painfull jokes of Vaal"
I do like how the skill works (Form what is shown), but I dislike that the boost you can get are again around Witch and Hierophant. What about the Chieftain or the Scion?

Regardless I will be planning a Chieftain Build around that skill and see how it goes, not sure how well it will interact with Spell Totem, but I hope it will work as I expect.
is this as close as we're going to get to an actual meteor/comet skill?
Lol ill try it with inpulsa herald of ash and thunder , stormfire ring and ele prolif
i know what i'm playing this league...
I usually do not read popular posts again after i made a comment on it, unless it's one of my own. I aspire to one day have something of my own added to Path of Exile, but with no success. Big fan of the grim reaper, make a classic black robed grim reaper set plzzzz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm confused by this part:

It naturally applies powerful Ignite effects

I've searched through multiple ignite builds and looks like the only way to scale ignite into the endgame is by procing Elemental Equilibrium with other elements:

But you can't use EE, when fire damage comet keeps hitting with fire damage. So it must be terrible skill for ignite.
Is it going to be triggerable?
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Ekhov wrote:
Is it going to be triggerable?

Wondering this myself. So many uncertainties.
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