Private Leagues are now Live!

races would be better
Keiler wrote:
races would be better

I can buy, but I not want to play, stupid modes, no better drops for more difficult modes.... is definitely not fun for me, and no worth play :)

"Discord"Voice ( dođite na mikrofon - Link za automatski invite ) :
When you said we get to select our own "league mods" I kind of thought that would mean that we could select from past leagues. No dice. That was really the only reason I could see playing a private league... to relive an old league that we enjoyed. Too bad to see that you can't.
utterly pointless. only way this would ever interest me was if I could turn xp penalty off in the private league, and play offline!!!

give leaguestones back and scrap this shit and temp leagues altogether and finally make a permanent mode that gets updated with new stuff monthly or even weekly. else I won't return to this game cause you managed to make even delve pointless and bricked and that was quite an accomplishment - so it's a given any future expansion will also suck.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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inb4 "GGG has been bought by Bethesda"
if you cannot make the private league beyond 2 months how do you buy 2 months since you start with 10 days and can only purchase 1month increase at a time so making this twice makes the league 2 months and 10 days which as this thread says cannot be since the 2 months limit ? do one loose 10 days when purchasing 2 months or is it not possible to purchase 1 months increase twice ?
Basically an old school multiplayer mode ( simulating LAN) but paid.
Yet one more feature specifically aimed only at streamers.
"The heavens burned
The stars cried out
And under the ashes of infinity
Hope, scarred and bleeding breathed it's last."
Amazing, really hope we can add league mods too at some point. Flashback at my fingertips hnnng.

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