Private Leagues are now Live!

I was imagining more options to the game other than a straight increase in difficulty.

Adding the option to have old boss mechanics added back in (like act1) having droprates tweaked so we can play more like D2 (boss rush and not worry about too much about the trash mobs) and adding in older league mechanics like having flashback.

Honestly part of why I'm getting bored I think is because in the new leagues there's so few league mechanics that it doesn't spice things up.

I don't have any difficulty spikes to get through until the last act and there's no good places to farm because droprates on uniques are so poor.

Went back and played D2 recently, there will never be another high grossing game like it because as we see here the clearspeed mechanic is what brings players into the game, not the bossrush or dungeoncrawler that was d2.
gruumine wrote:
step-1: Create a private league
step-2: Do labs everyday
step-3: get: item
step-4 ???
step-5 profit
Universalis wrote:
Dont be toxic, this is ggg's right to propose this, if you aren't happy with it: play others games like Grim Dawn or Fallout 76.

The only thing to be "affraid" of is that, progressively, private league become attractive, with juicy loot, adding new exclusive mods or unique awesome features.

This is what happened for some nerfs; the changes got dispatched on 1 year. So wait and see...

you LITTERALLY just aggreed it to become p2w...
thumps up for that but besides is THIS what you call a recompensation for nerfs?
where do you guys come from this is the most illogical thing i EVER READ
Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.
Posted by Bex_GGG on Dec 5, 2018, 12:35:38 AM
we know where the priorities are...and we know what you mean by "effects"
Very nice.
No Cut-Throat? :(
Would pay to be able to add more league mechanics, even if its just having the leaguestone system or w/e.

I need to be able to do Betrayal + Beyond. :D
Ashriel wrote:
Can't wait for the realization that this isn't nearly as cool as we thought.

You might be waiting for a while its a lot of fun especially the streamers private leagues where lots of people recognize each other and chat develops a tighter nit less stupid "global 1" atmosphere.

Just wish the Chat channel wasn't shared across parent leagues

Bit of advice for future league starters: set up a global # unique to your league
GGG: We're happy if 2000 people out of 85,000 get a relic key and yet we wonder why 20% of the player base plays past mid maps
GGG: "Risk vs Reward" where reward is a Dice roll, to win another dice roll; for a chance of a reward then a 5% chance that reward is the good one of 5
pls more streamer only content...

12 dollar for 10 days OMEGALUL

keep that shit =)

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inferno_poe wrote:
End of poe confirmed

The idea of a private league is so stupid.

This is exactly the opposite idea of the game.But that's just my opinion...

so Good luck to euroleague poe special league players :-)
I was just curious, when can we set up a private league for Betrayal? Are we going to be able to set it up before launch or only after launch?

Crowdfunding it may take some time, so I would prefer it if we had some time before Betrayal starts to set it up and then the private league is created at launch.

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