Announcing Private Leagues

Have no friends to play with so there goes waiting. Good night everyone.
So does this mean we can play the new expansion in a private league with a group of friends and have the same benefits?

SSF with friends?

Kinda sucks we have to pay to get that feature, but maybe Group-SSF is another announcement, we'll just have to wait and see.
GGG made it yet again, they implemented the best most sought after feature and made it useless. Why the fuck would i care for any of that? Make my gaming experience harder? Might as well play a off meta build, done.

You guys rly made an art out of presenting cash grabs as great features...

I happily gave you guys my money back when you didn't take it by default but asked for it as it wasn't a necessity. But now you straight up care for money only, every single thing you guys trying to press money out of us...
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Is there a max player limit?
what about PoE Immortal?
Will we be able to add modifiers generally specific to races? I.e Winterheart, with patches of chilled ground that speed you up, or headhunter and a rare monster in every pack, or BLAMT i could see being fun in these.
Tuomari wrote:
SO finally GGG maid poe pay to play features

Completely ignorable features that change nothing about the game but ramp up the difficulty, yeah.
Any chance to get endless ledge mode famine ssf and dmg mods?

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