Announcing Private Leagues

Plz plz make an option to remove quest rewards as well (except questing unique objects, of course). So all skill gems would also be unavailable except for mobs' drop.
Philosophically, it's important to us that Private Leagues don't make the game easier. That's what special events like Flashback, Turmoil and Mayhem are for. We'll continue to run special events like these in the future.

yea sure, like once or twice a year, thanks
Hello everyone!
I have 2 questions.
1. If i will choose No vendors league, how i can purchase items like Anima stone?
2. Can I continue to play this league for more than three months after the transfer of the character to the standard, when current league will end?
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paullissimo wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
paullissimo wrote:
Thats just completely desperate and sad. 0$ from me. Please don't be new Blizzard

YOu ddint read the entire post from CHRIST..did you...
Read the post.

You can, IF YOU WANT TO, make a private league..let me repeat: IF YOU WANT TO. With your friends... IF YOU WANT TOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
You're NOT forced to do anything.

You can play the game like you're used to. This is just an option for ppl who want to play the game, in a higher and more challenging way. You're still not forced to pay for anything. YOu can play the game like you used to do it.

For the future read the damn post, before commenting on something you think Chris wrote..

You are right, my apologies, this looks very promising actually. Sorry for narrow thought :)

IM a good way.
Thanks for reading my post..without getting angry..
Bc i acted like a d1ck..
anyway !
Sounds interesting!
I would personally like some options to make private leagues easier at the cost of not having items/characterse transfer to standard at the end of the league.

Many of my friends want to play this game with me but don't have the time to invest in it. I think having the option to host a private league for me and my friends with faster exp gain, better loot drops, etc. would be a lot of fun for all of us.

i would like to know if it's allowed to create a private league and give people prizes as rewards.
Will be streaming on twitch too.
This sucked, there is no efficient way to interact with your private league. The chats are still apart of the parent league and this just doesn't make much sense. Needs more development and thought.
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Philosophically, it's important to us that Private Leagues don't make the game easier. That's what special events like Flashback, Turmoil and Mayhem are for.

i loled. that would be the only reason for me to play a private league

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I just looked into Private Leagues, and there is a single thing that makes them not an option for me: the 2 month time limit. I'm a slow player, I like to clear everything out rather than rush to maps like most players do. But I know what I'm doing, I love the game, been playing since Act 3 was something brand new. I've definitely put it a lot of money on cosmetics, too.

I looked at the private leagues in the hope that I could make one where I was just playing standard, and I didn't have a time limit hanging over my head, because I make the league for like... a whole year. That way I wouldn't have to stress about real life stuff, and be always thinking "If only I had more time" at the end of a challenge league.

I realize that the answer is to just play standard, and I guess that's what I will be doing... but it's just always so depressing/annoying to have all the faster/bought or were given 30 exalts at the start players all content with their progress in a league, while I feel like I'm being punished for playing the game normally. I never look at the meta, or use whatever is OP at the moment.... I just really love making interesting characters. And so many of them never reach their potential because the league is over.

I just want a way, private league or not, to be able to play the game I truly love without feeling the pressure and anxiety of a set limited time. With where you are not as a company.... I would think that wouldn't be an impossible request.

Hell, if I can dream, custom leagues could have the option of making them a certain challenge league of the past, but with the custom leagues having a fixed separate economy from the main game.

Like, I was super ready to get out the credit card and make a private league to alleviate the frustrations I often encounter... only to have it be at maximum an entire month less than normal challenge leauges!

I can't be the only player who isn't a speed player and doesn't care to be, but still loves the game and wants to make interesting PvE characters without dealing with the weirdness of Standard. Seems like it would be super easy to implement in code... so what's the reason for not allowing private leagues to last like 6 months?

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