Announcing Private Leagues

So theoretically, I will be able to create my private league with for example, beyond, nemesis, delve, abyss, harbinger and ofc 3.5 features, share with my buddies and anytime move from it back to public 3.5 league with all my items/chars? or all my progress will gone once i left?
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Do we have a date when private leagues are going live? The wait is killing me now, need me some iron man action.
Really love the announcement - seeing living off the land covered made it read almost directly at me, thank you for making this possible in the near future. Come christmas, if durability is in, i will surely create a league of my own to replicate some of that nineties feel!

Some q's while my theorycrafting gears start spinning (Creating a league feels a bit like creating a cube in magic - the scale is oh so grand, its beautiful)

-> No Stashes - am i right that there will still be some stash space in this variant - being the two divination card slots from Navalli and Tasuni, and later on a single item per mastercrafting bench?

-> No vendors - are they disabled fully, or just the buy/sell windows of town vendors - ie does it have an effect on things like zana's shop of maps, Siosa's gem selection, corner cases like that?

-> Durability - it was hinted at that this will be tied to whetstones and scraps. A really nice idea if you ask me, i'm really looking forward to using say artisans boxes as religious shrines of old. Am i right however this means rings, amulets, belts and jewels will never deteriorate? And how about skills? I think i'd really like a mod for skill durability too - adapting your play to your drops is a real boon of living off the land, and i'd love it if i could run out of my Magma Orb and have to resort to another skill until i gather some gcp's or something along those lines.
Which mods, if any, do not affect The Shaper?

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is there an actual release date?
This is very close to the feature I have been requesting for the past couple of years. There is only one thing missing. If you could make the private league a void league and crank up the currency drops in order to make a crafting league in combination with the option already provided that no rares drop.

That would be super sick.
I'm not a huge fan of the idea; seems to be a pretty divided community opinion on it as well.

I'd say that GGG should give the older supporters some love and allow for 1 free league if you'd hit a certain lifetime donation mark. I think that's the right thing to do.

Just me though.
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When will it finally be available. We are so ready for our league!
squid4016 wrote:
When will it finally be available. We are so ready for our league!

Really hyped too, gonna make a difficult league with no rare/magic drops, and stronger monsters to get some extra challenge for me and a few mates, i hope this works out the way i imagine it to

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