Announcing Private Leagues

Are there any concerns that this will damage the health of the primary leagues?
Philosophically, it's important to us that Private Leagues don't make the game easier. That's what special events like Flashback, Turmoil and Mayhem are for.

i loled. that would be the only reason for me to play a private league
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SO finally GGG maid poe pay to play features
Can you guys please consider making voided leagues that add league modifiers, like original breach appearance rate, regular beyond rate, etc?

I know I will get ridiculed, but I would have loved to even been able to just make a local league just on my pc in case your servers cant handle it, kinda like d2 single player. I'm guessing that's never going to happen.
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understatement of the thread.

AMAZING! You guys at GGG ROCK!

So let's use this forum thread to ask as many questions as we can! Chris said they would get back to us with an FAQ!!!!

1. Are drop rates any different (obviously I know but must ask for a "friend")

2. How will we differentiate trading in leagues on the official site?

3. Is there an ability to change sulphite caps or rates? (For those of us that want to try a DELVE ONLY league?)

4. Are we able to select the frequency of challenge league mechanics or only select if they are (true/false) present or not in our private league?

5. Will their be boards for level/experience/delve progress that's shareable in private leagues?

6. Are 'no vendoring' leagues also inclusive of no vendoring in hideout? (want to make sure there are/aren't workarounds)

7. Are there league admins? Can you potentially kick/chat ban a player in league?

Ok, this is absolutely HUGE news for all the racers out there as well! Big time streamers like Ziz, Ziggy, Mathil, Tarkecat, SlipperyJim, Nugi, Octavian, Empy (and more) will all be able to race and host those types of races/events challenges whenever they want! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

....more to come as I and other community members think of them....
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pay league
Path of 0 FPS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wow that's cool stuff.

Well my prediction was way off. Interesting concept GGG!
Please let us choose BLAMT.

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