[3.5] Hopeshredder Scourge Arrow | Fast beefy Mapper | Deathless Uber Elder (5M+ Shaper DPS)

Guffinn wrote:
First of all, cool to see someone else play Hopeshredder :)

That said, there is some Stuff to adress here:
Ticking Shock in PoB is a big No No, as it applies a maximum Shock for 50% more Damage, which never happens against Shaper or any other Endgame Boss, not even remotely close.
So untick Shock, and edit your Yoke of Suffering to this:
Yoke of Suffering
Onyx Amulet
Unique ID: f99615577c2c33de113504f725468e92cae85bbb785cfecfcf426f2abbfe0ea5
Item Level: 85
LevelReq: 70
Implicits: 1
+16 to all Attributes
+19% to Fire Resistance
+18% to Cold Resistance
+30% to Lightning Resistance
30% reduced Duration of Ailments on Enemies
6% chance to Shock
Enemies take 8% increased Damage for each type of Ailment you have inflicted on them
Your Elemental Damage can Shock

This makes it so that Enemies take 16% increased Damage from your Attacks with Chill and Ignited enabled, which is 1% more than you actually have but the Difference is marginal.

Maybe you chose Yoke because the Shock seemed so appealing, but a decent Rare Amulet can easily beat it on this Build:
Chimeric Noose
Onyx Amulet
Unique ID: 803f1c80074308fc0939510f6bf65166ef7850026de76b4036bef0812bf22e73
Item Level: 85
LevelReq: 65
Implicits: 1
+16 to all Attributes
+54 to Strength
+261 to Accuracy Rating
+34% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+34 to maximum Mana
25% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
{crafted}+39 to maximum Life

Thise one cost me like 60c, and you can go way higher obviously. It's a 3.5% DPS Increase for you, and obviously offers a lot more Life (200).

And please don't undervalue Rare Quivers. Yes, Hyrris is awesome, but this 15c Rare Quiver:

Rarity: Rare
Chimeric Flight
Spike-Point Arrow Quiver
Level: 60
Item Level: 76
28% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Adds 4 to 7 Fire Damage to Attacks
+371 to Accuracy Rating
31% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+28% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+75 to maximum Life
19% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Note: ~price 15 chaos

Is a 3,4% DPS Loss, while gaining you 200+ Life. Rares can beat Hyrris in DPS or come very close, while offering more Life. And this Build really doesn't need more DPS, while more Life never hurts.

And keep an eye out for Unnatural Instincts, it is better than a third Meek in the top right Jewel Slot. You save 3 Points from the Crit Multi Nodes which you can invest into a Jewel Socker elsewhere, maybe to counter the loss of 9% Allres and some Crit Multi.
And for your Build especially, you also safe the 3 Movement Speed Nodes.
But sadly PoB doesn't take the Interaction of Meeks and Instincts into Account (it only grants the default Values of the Nodes granted by Instincts, not the Meek-amplified ones), so you gotta use a makeshift one like this:
Guffinn's Unnatural Instinct placeholder for 2 Meeks Scion Setup, as its Interaction with Meeks doesnt work in PoB yet.
Viridian Jewel
Radius: Small
Limited to: 1
Implicits: 0
26% increased Attack Speed
+82% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
8% increased Maximum Life
16% increased Movement Speed
+10 to Intelligence
16% increased Cast Speed
+10 Life gained on Kill
+10 to Dexterity
Minions have +6% Chance to Block Attack Damage
12% increased Spell Damage

Just put it into the top right Jewel Socket, path through the Cast Speed Nodes and drop the Attack Speed, Crit Multi and Movespeed Nodes for a realistic Result.

Other than that, you have to enable Shaper/Guardian in the Config to actually see Shaper DPS :P

Here is your current Setup with realistic Config (No Shock, Shaper enabled, changed Yoke to 8%):
2.2kk DPS Thorn Arrows, 890k DPS for the release at 5 Stages.

Lastly, while I appreciate the Guide and it looks really awesome, this is basically the same as my Hopeshredder Guide with a different Skill (which uses the same Colours as mine so can be swapped anytime :P).
Yes, Hyrris and Yoke are different to my Guide, but Yoke is strictly worse and I don't consider Hyrris worth it at all due to the insane HP Hit we take.
Also, you path from the Duelist Start (whis is slightly better DPS at the cost of higher Degen and less Proj Speed) but other than that pick basically the same Stuff.

Alright there's a lot here so while I'd like to start from the top, I want to make sure everyone is aware I didn't copy your build or anyone elses. The main reason I love and play Path of Exile is because of how much I like making my own builds from the ground up, and while our builds are definitely similar,(I even slot in RoA sometimes if I feel like it) I'm assuring you it's complete coincidence. If it wasn't your intention to call me out on this and I took it the wrong way I'm sorry.

With that out of the way, thanks for the analysis and insight, I forgot about accuracy when I did my quiver shopping which is why I couldn't get one that closely compared to a Hyrri's that had my corrupt implicit and I'll definitely be taking a second look at that.

The thing I'm going to butt heads with you on however, is the Shock. I fully understand how Shock works and that it's unrealistic to ever get a maximum Shock on an endgame boss(this is actually my first build ever that utilizes Shock due to the fact that I mainly play attack-based builds and consider Shock extremely unreliable on them) but there are definitely skills than can make it worth it; namely skills that can deal a huge amount of damage within a single hit like Flameblast. I will admit I don't achieve 50% shock against many endgame bosses, but there's a little bit more to it than that. Firstly, the first shot in Scourge Arrow is a high-damage one hit skill, currently averaging out to 536k shaper damage in PoB BEFORE applying any sort of Shock. Assuming a boss like Shaper with 20 million hp, 536k damage is roughly 2.5% of his life, that alone will apply a Shock with a 12.5% more multiplier, and keep in mind this is just the average. A crit, especially one that rolls higher base damages will be much higher, then upon applying the initial Shock the effect can snowball from there, potentially applying higher and higher Shocks. Again, despite all of this 50% is for sure unrealistic, but at the very minimum a 20-25% more multiplier(achievable by dealing 4-5% of targets max hp in a single hit) is very much achievable with Scourge Arrow even against endgame bosses.

Also I have been looking into Unnatural Instinct quite a bit and can definitely see the value it has in the top-left of the Scion wheel, but considering the price tag, I'm going to play with it in PoB a little more before deciding whether I really want it or not.

Lastly when adding it all up for the "5m+ shaper DPS" in my title, I did checkmark Shaper/Guardian in PoB, I unchecked it before I imported the build into pastebin to see normal values and I will fix that.

Once again, thanks for your advice, I'll definitely take everything you said into more consideration.
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Hey, this build looks awesome.

I'm working on leveling and I was wondering...

I can't afford to buy a 6L Hopeshredder right now on top of everything else. Would it be the worst thing ever to buy a 6L Belly as a temporary chest piece and just use a 5L bow until I can afford to make the switch?

If I did that, what would you suggest I put into the extra 5L?


Edit: Nevermind, just bought a Hopeshredder.
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Looks interesting, can you post a Map clear pls so I can look at the clearspeed :)
I am following your build and I am at lvl 50 now. Toxic rain is filling lacking in dps and I don't know if I can't last until I get Hopeshredder. I tried to use Scourge Arrow with Quill rain but it has even less damage and I can't leech at all. What did you use for leveling?
daiur wrote:
Looks interesting, can you post a Map clear pls so I can look at the clearspeed :)

I'm working on getting more videos up, so I'll try to get a decent map clear clip as well.
I am following your build and I am at lvl 50 now. Toxic rain is filling lacking in dps and I don't know if I can't last until I get Hopeshredder. I tried to use Scourge Arrow with Quill rain but it has even less damage and I can't leech at all. What did you use for leveling?

If you're really struggling, try using The Tempest or a Doomfletch.
So far so good, the leveling was super easy and mapping is very easy as well, I'm now level 80 and hoping this'll be my first 90 or even 100 character. I've seen some people having trouble in the comments.

For leeching I just spammed mana and life flasks for a while until around 65 when my leech was good enough to drop my mana flask completely. Other than that I can't see why damage would be bad unless you don't have the key items like the 3 Might of the Meek gems which really do help a ton. I'll post my gear so far below, looking to either get a kaom's or maybe an inpulsa with a nice health quiver after I 6L this Hopeshredder

Also the frost bomb tip really helps a ton against bosses and tanky enemies. I started using it late and regret not using it sooner but, you can get some insane burst from firing max pods then putting down a frost bomb right after on the enemy.

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dont know which one i choose, this or rain of arrows.

How deep u go? already have 6L hope shredder and kaoms, more 15ex is enough?
gokudin wrote:
dont know which one i choose, this or rain of arrows.

How deep u go? already have 6L hope shredder and kaoms, more 15ex is enough?

As Guffin stated earlier, his RoA build and my build are pretty similar, even our 6 link colors are the same which makes switching out Rain of Arrows and Scourge Arrow really easy.

Also if you already have a 6l Hopeshredder and Kaom's you've got most of the core items, I'd say your next priority should be for sure 3 Might of the Meek jewels (which currently cost around 2ex each) and a 2 socket Tombfist (which usually costs a little more than 1ex) and you should be good to go.
Thx for the build man very fun to play.

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