👑[3.4] Trickster 👑 MoM Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain 👑 600+ Depth 👑 Uber Elder Down 👑EZ Budget 👑

What do you think of Lavianga's Spirit for the mana slot? You probably don't use it for the ailments, but tbh I could care less about remove shock.
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Sweet Build.

(╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ǝ︵ o︵ d

I'm out.
Can you help me my gear? Its worth buy a clock 5l? How hard is lab with this build?
Definitely the smoothest leveling I've had so far. Looking forward to getting more time to play tomorrow.

I thought Ele hit was busted last league.. this thing does what Ele hit done last League, but better.

thoughts on using the toxic rain in your chest piece with a ranged attack totem setup. then using either toxic rain or caustic arrow in your weapon, whichever you prefer
Someone can help me with my gear?


Anyone playing as MF? this build can clear burial chambers fast as !@#0, thiking about a shape strategy to burial t3.
May you put up more videos on how you use the setup with using 2 ca's and TR
What body armor could i do , other than the cloak of defiance, I was thinking of running maybe a dendrobate. what are your opinions on good chest pieces .
im nearly 60 now and when im surroundet by enemys i feel like lost.

why dont u skill Phase acrobatics? wouldnt it help?

but ist realy nice so far .. im Looking Forward ..
its so fun to craft this league

how important is impressence?

You could write a short list of priorities based on gear.


1. Quill rain
2. 2x5 links
3. 6 link for CA
4. 20 lvl gems
5. Impresence
6. 6 link for TR

Because Im on 1x6 link and Im not sure if its more important to get a 6th link or impresence now.
IGN: Interloper

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