๐Ÿ‘‘[3.4] Trickster ๐Ÿ‘‘ MoM Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain ๐Ÿ‘‘ 600+ Depth ๐Ÿ‘‘ Uber Elder Down ๐Ÿ‘‘EZ Budget ๐Ÿ‘‘

Really nice build, i've managed to kill my first ever uber elder.
For caustic arrow to work, you need to have bow with +# to level of socketed gems.
Hi there really enjoying the build I recently picked up

and I'm wondering if the increased damage with ailments against enemies with 3 webs works with caustic or toxic arrow?

EDIT: did some research and it seems like that caustic and toxic dont create an ailment but a special case ailment instead which doesnt benefit from ailment damage so I am reverting back to
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- nvm -
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Hey there

I'm more or less using your OP page as a building block, but doing it a little different.

I bought this nasty thing
And annuled despair on hit to craft attack speed. It forced me to think of what would benefit from gem levels and obviously support poison. So naturally I got CA in the bow, and I got a poison barrage set up in chest

Only 65 atm, but I'm pleased with how this is going.

I have used CA in the past but never another skill along with it. Pretty sick DPS dropping a really strong cloud and then leaning on barrage. Mirage Archer keeps throwing down a cloud while you're doing Barrage too. Barrage only comes into play on bosses as CA absolutely wrecked whites, blues and yellows.

oh...and I went Asassin :P
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How do you generate endurance charges for Immortal Call ?
Finnaly back in Wraeclast after a few months :)
Hoolilol wrote:
How do you generate endurance charges for Immortal Call ?

You don't need endurance charges. Endurance charges extend the duration of Immortal Call. Immortal Call will last a fraction of a second, enough to help with porcupines for example.
Hey all, what skill is he using in the delve vids? If its phase run how is he maintaining it while using skills?

The one that is turning his char blueish and he runs through the packs.

Edit** Silly question its Quartz Flask if anyone else was wondering
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Hello! Nice guide, is it possible to go CI with all nice stuff in std? Wondering is it good or bad idea and have you thought it?
This has been one of my favorite builds this league. Going to be my starter next league for sure.

I use a Toxic Rain Withering totem instead of Caustic Arrow.

What should my next upgrades be?

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With patch notes out for 3.5, is the build good without Quill Rain? Or Quill Rain still a good option?
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