๐Ÿ‘‘[3.4] Trickster ๐Ÿ‘‘ MoM Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain ๐Ÿ‘‘ 600+ Depth ๐Ÿ‘‘ Uber Elder Down ๐Ÿ‘‘EZ Budget ๐Ÿ‘‘

Hey man, thanks for the build i like it so damn bad, i burned out with my frostbladesMolten Trikster who was so fucking bad and boring i almost quit the game for this league when i found your build. That was easy to do with the Tree i used to have (and also the exact same ascendency that was a plus).
So in one word : Thanks !

I have a question for you, i got lucky dropping a almost perfect Copri's will that i lucky 6 linked in 79 fusings so i'm running the exact same build and items you have but with copri's and a 3rd curse (took assassin's mark but considering changing if you have a better idea), what do you think about that ? Is it at least good as the Cloak or is it bad ? :)

The dilema is that i need money badly to upgrade my rings belt and gloves, also get a +2 quiver and cospri 6l is selling for 4 ex average ...

Edit: could you recommend a MF gear for maping ? thanks
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Sollkomol wrote:
Yesterday i had my first tries on Uber Elder in a league ever and managed to kill him with my third set with 2 portals left. My Tree is slightly different. I travelled to MoM because i am wearing a Kintsugi. Here's the gear used on my kill:


While the single target damage is lacking this build has very good mobility and Mirage Archer is just awesome for the fight. I was rewarded with this shitty WE

While mapping i am using a Essence Worm with grace instead of Dream Fragments

Hey, would you mind sharing your tree? Would be interesting to see as I'm considering pathing to MoM too but your profile is private.
How does this build sustain on boss fights? Our regen requires killing.
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Enoran wrote:
Hey, would you mind sharing your tree? Would be interesting to see as I'm considering pathing to MoM too but your profile is private.

Something like this:


Actually pathing to MoM is not that bad, you get easy access to the second duration cluster, a little bit life/mana and an additional jewel socket. And Kintsugi adds an extra defensive layer to the build
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Should i craft this Bow to get +3 ?

Kraken Thirst Thicket Bow

6 Link

Level: 58 Dexterity: 179 ilvl: 76 Max sockets: 6 (6)

+2 to Level of Socketed Bow Gems P1
+38% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier S1
30% increased Damage with Poison S2


Thanks 4 Info !
Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you spend 200 mana at one time to proc the dmg reduction from weave the arcane? or do we just never benefit from that part of the ascendancy node?
Wondering if I can get some input on what my next upgrade should possibly be. Sitting on about 3ex maybe 4 if I convert everything to chaos.

Having trouble deciding between 6l quill, hopefully 6l cloak (cost) or neck + other things, any help appreciated.

Is going with a Toxic Rain clear setup along a Withering Touch RAT setup a good option?
I think I'm going to try leveling that up this weekend, using a Skirmish Quiver.

Seems good on Paper.
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My caustic arrow dot is extremely low compared to my toxic rain, am I doing something wrong? I have it six linked with empower 3, viscous proj, void manipulation, swift affliction, and mirage archer.

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