Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

"but their corresponding depths will cost more Sulphite than before."

You guys need to hire someone who plays the game...
obadonke wrote:
(new characters can explore sideways into uncharted areas of the one mine).

Probably better to go sideway for a bit of time with the faster/highest lvl character before starting delving with the reroll imo.

PS : sexy profile image you got there.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
kroIya wrote:

This all but confirms that mines on different seeds have different properties.
What will be done, if anything, to the people who have bad rng on their mine's creation, leading, for example, to a huge lack of fossils behind fractured walls

It is infinite dungeon, you can go sideways on desired level for fossil farming and you have to run into some longer, "emptier" delves with many side areas in darkness. Seriously fossil farming is one of the easiest things you can do, even with low amount of sulphite - just farm +-100 depth and rng is nothing to be worry about in this case.
I'm just playing my second char, and even though I enjoy the mine immensely, he's currently 200 levels behind my starter, and it's a chore.

With this change I'm sure I'm gonna play this league the whole duration, trying wide variety of builds in the mine. The delve league is the most important single expansion you ever did, I hope you know that. An I hope it will be added to the the core game unchanged (not "nerfed" like breach or abyss).

Great work GGG!!!
Unless they make the Sulphite cost shit, the league will be saved now!
Not playing 3.20 - just a sm0l break, builds are still fine.
I can't wait this patch, I need it now.
Ty GGG, you are the best!
Good job GGG, appreciate the effort.
Keep it up
So arguably two steps forward ( shared mine; more sulphite in maps, especially red ones) and a huge step backward ( more sulphite needed in lower delves, where everyone and their moms asked for some reduction/reduction upgrades).

The usual GGG... :( XD
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Our initial plan for the Azurite Mine was that you would have a separate one per character. This way you would get a unique Delve experience with each character you create, and could Delve at depths appropriate for that character's power level.

It's clear from feedback and retrospection that we were wrong with this decision, and that the ability to have multiple characters access the same Azurite Mine would be an overall improvement to Delve.

We are implementing a change where your deepest Mine is shared across all characters on your account. Mines on other characters will be lost. If you have some encounters/rewards in your other mines that you have been saving up, we recommend you run these over the weekend because they won't be available after we deploy this change.

No you weren't wrong. I'm maybe the minority in this situation but I like having a fresh mine for each character to have THAT unique experience. This is going in the wrong direction just to make the players who can't be asked to put the effort in to do a new mine. Which again is a pain but its fun I mean we have the catch up mechanic and now shared crawler upgrades so it is already 10 times easier.

Also as for player retention this will probably just cause more of it because say your first character can only do say 1,200 depth. You create another character already at 1,200 depth and you don't push until you get more items which at that depth isn't difficult to mass farm easy currency as I understand it. Therefore the new character will have a shorter playtime than the first.

We have the shared azurite and crawler update WE don't actually need this one its just those players being lazy and crying over how annoying is it to do another azurite mine which personally it isn't. I know you have to keep the majority happy to maintain some sort of customer relationship positive but overall this is a bit too much. And not to mention those who want to do a Unique azurite mine now have to travel side ways spending time/sulphite on something they previously didn't need to do.

IF it is possible I'd like to see an option upon creating a new character to have current azurite (deepest) transferred over or not. This will suit both player base those who want to skip over the content and those who don't.
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Pretty cool

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