[3.6] The Kingsguard - LL Aurabot Dominating Blow Summoner Tank - Uber Elder and Atziri, Delve 600+

Don't like dying? Like having an army at your command? Enjoy being in the thick of battle? Like to use your face to tank?Want to be loved by your party members?

Well This is the build for you!

Basically this is my take on a dominating blow build. I figured the best way to scale the army of minions was to provide them with a lot of auras. We go low life with 12 Auras. We also use a 2 x Carnage Chieftain to produce frenzy charges for us and our minions. Lastly a animated guardian gives us and our minions some nice damage and speed boosts. I wanted to be tanky and also have unkillable minions and that is what has been achieved.

83 Fire, 83 Cold 84 Lightning Max Resists
Positive Chaos Resist
Very High Physical Mitigation
Very High Evasion
Fast and Mobile
Crazy Total DPS
10K+ Energy Shield
Can AFK during Delve Checkpoints
High Regen
Can run any map mods

3.6 Update

Some nice buffs to the build.

We'll be using Kingmaker on our AG because it is OP.

Also replacing our sulfur flask with a bottled faith because WTF is that thing, its about 15% more damage to all our minions.

Lastly grabbing Arcane Will on passive tree now because that node is insane = to +125 Maximum Energy Shield.


Patch 3.5 Mid League Update:
3.5 Has given us some nice tools. We now use War Banner and Aspect of the Spider. Also you can get 28% quality on armor which is nice.

Patch 3.5 Update:

I've updated the build to the Mark 2 build I played at the end of the league. Banners look really good and I'll be updating again once POB has the gems updated.

Main differences with skills is that we have gone up to 12 Auras, including Smite. We now have grace and determination added on for bossing and delving. For maps we can switch to Wrath and Anger instead. For Uber Elder I ended up using Wrath/Anger just because we need to kill those Madness Propagators as fast as possible. We also dropped Vaal Skellies to add in fortify to our six link.

Gear was a few big changes. Using an alpha's howl with an aura reservation enchant so we can reserve our extra auras. We using corrupted +2 Gem levels on our shield and boots and our sharper's gloves have a curse on hit corruption. We are using Soul Taker axe now as we have no mana. We also have -1% reservation corruption on one of our jewels.

Tree is pretty much the same though I went with RT on uber elder to maximize sentinel spawns.


Only required uniques are:

Rest of the gear can be altered and I have detailed this below, you can level as life until making the switch just fine as well.

This includes budget options and leveling trees

Radiant Crusade
Unwavering Crusade
Radiant Faith
Bastion of Hope until you get a Presence of Chayula then switch to Unwavering Faith

Gear Breakdown:

Basically Mandatory for Low Life, the gold standard.

Main Hand:

Need this as DOM cost a lot of mana and we have none! Fortify on hit is an amazing corruption for this.

Budget/Alternative Main Hand:

This is a budget option. This provides free Ghost Reaver without the negative effect which is really nice and it has maximum energy shield on it.

Off Hand:

The perfect shield for this build, High Resists, some dexterity we need and allows us to reserve all our life with +leveled Gems. +2 Corruption on AoE or Aura gems is tight.


Provides a massive energy shield boost, huge evasion and accuracy boost, increased damage, mana and they are cheap. The plus 2 to Aura Gems is a nice bonus and lets us have a lvl23 Purity of Fire for the extra max resist. Budget option is to just not have the corruption.


Great all round boots, high ES, Stats, and 30% movespeed. 2 Corruption on AoE or Aura gems is tight.


Crazy with this build. Mana reduction is huge and gives +2 to gems. Cannot be Frozen and chill avoidance is really nice as well. A reservation enchant for one of our non blood rage auras is mandatory for the full build.


Basically a Abyss Belt with High Energy Shield, any missing strength, and covering the rest of your resists.


Cannot be stunned, Insane ES boost, 60% Chaos resist. The Gold Standard for LL.

Budget/Alternative Amulet:
Amulet with +Maximum Energy Shield, %Energy Shield, Missing Resists, Missing Stats.

Ring 1:

Something like the above, +3 would be even better.

Ring 2:

Something like this is great for the other ring slots. Having Aspect of the spider crafted on this is ideal.


Dominating Blow - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage- Ruthless - Minion Damage

Purity of Fire - Hatred - Determination

Animated Guardian - Raise Spectre - Summon Holy Relic - Minion Life

Vitality - Purity of Ice - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten(LVL4)

Haste - Blood Magic(LVL 15)

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Smite

Discipline - War Banner


Herald of Purity

Passive Skill Tree:



Watchers Eye Priorities:
+(5-8)% Chance to Block Spell Damage while affected by Discipline
(5-8)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits while affected by Haste
You gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill while affected by Haste
Immune to Ignite while affected by Purity of Fire
(6-10)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage while affected by Purity of Fire
Unaffected by Burning Ground while affected by Purity of Fire
Immune to Freeze while affected by Purity of Ice
(6-10)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage while affected by Purity of Ice
(6-10)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage while affected by Purity of Lightning
Immune to Shock while affected by Purity of Lightning

(20-30)% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline
(1.5-2.5)% of Maximum Energy Shield Regenerated per Second while affected by Discipline
(30-40)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline
(100-140) Life Regenerated per Second while affected by Vitality

Gain (12-18)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity

Other Jewel Priority:
+Maximum Energy Shield
Minions have % chance to blind on hit with attacks
Minions have % chance to taunt on hit with attacks
% Increased Minion Damage if you've used a minion skill recently (Basically 20% inc damage to us and minions)
Minions have % Increased Attack Speed (Applies to us as well)
Any flat damage modifiers to minions

Kill All

Major: Soul of Solaris
Minor: Change as required, generally I use Tukohama for Bossing and Garukhan for mapping

Weapon: Fortify on Hit - This is sooo good.
Boots: 2% Regen or +2 to Aoe Or Aura Gems
Gloves: Commandment of the Grave, Commandment of Reflection or of spite at any level, Enfeeble on Hit
Helm:Reservation reduction on one of our none blood magic auras

Animated Guardian:
Weapon: Dying Breath - Increased Curse Effect, Damage Aura
Helm: A helm crafted with Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage (Jagged Fossil)
Chest: Ambu's Charge - Life, Regen and Endurance Charges
Gloves: Southbound - Life and Damage
Boots: Victario's Flight - Movement Speed Aura

Delve League Mark 1 Gear:

We use 2 Carnage Chieftan (Frenzy Charges). You can grab these from ACT 7 The Ashen Fields. Use a desecrate in weapon swap. Be sure to re-summon in highest tier area possible. If you are just mapping link these with blood magic that is connected to haste aura instead of minion life.

Leveling Guide:

Recommended Uniques:
Tabula Rasa
Wurm's Molt
The Screaming Eagle x 2
Blackheart x 2
Belt of the Deceiver
Violent Dead
The Gull

Equip: Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Wanderlust, 2 x Blackheart
Passive Tree: Here


Raise Zombie

SmiteOnslaughtSummon Phantasm on KillAncestral Call

Raise Zombie - Ruthless

Summon Holy Relic

LVL 8:
Equip: 2 x Screaming Eagle, Wurm's Molt

SmiteOnslaughtSummon Phantasm on KillAncestral Call - Added Lightning DamageAdded Cold Damage

Summon Holy Relic Minion Damage - Added Lightning Damage - Added Fire Damage

Raise Zombie - Ruthless - Minion Damage - Maim

LVL 10:
Leap Slam

Level 18:
SmiteElemental FocusSummon Phantasm on KillAncestral Call - Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks

Raise Zombie - Minion DamageMelee Physical DamageMinion Life

Herald of Purity - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Ruthless

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

Level 20:
Equip: Belt of the Deceiver, Mainhand Brightbeak

Level 24:

Herald of Purity - Minion Damage

Complete Normal Lab at least before switching to Dominating Blow

LVL 28:
Passive Tree: Here

Dominating BlowMinion Damage - Melee Physical DamageMelee SplashRuthlessVaal Summon Skeletons

Raise SpectreMinion Life

Be sure to grab the carnage chieftan spectre from act 2 old fields.

May need to drop minion damage from HoP if manna is an issue.

LVL 32:
Leap Slam Fortify - Faster Attacks

Raise SpectreMinion Life Blood Magic

Upgrade offhand screaming eagle to the Gryphon.

Level 38:
Equip the Gull

Final Links will be:
Dominating BlowMinion Damage - Melee Physical DamageMelee SplashMultistrikeVaal Summon Skeletons

Leap Slam Fortify - Faster Attacks

Raise SpectreMinion Life Blood Magic

Raise Zombie - Minion DamageMelee Physical DamageMinion Life

Summon Holy Relic Minion Damage - Added Lightning Damage - Added Fire Damage


Herald of Purity

CWDT - Immortal Call

Level with this until you have the required uniques, have finished act 10 and have finished at least merciless lab.

Passive Tree: Here

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Spent the majority of today working on this exact build idea. Im excited to try it out. Thanks for the guide!
No Problem. The build is a lot of fun! Haven't died to anything but recklessness in the darkness either. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome as well, keen to find any improvements I can.
May the Dreadbeak be another good main hand? Cause it grants 100% inc for LL guys.
Most of our damage comes from our minions which the dreadbeak doesn't apply too, so it is a little wasted.
Can't wait to see the leveling guide!

Leveling guide added!
A helmet with nearby enemies take 9% physical damage (jagged fossil) seems like a better option than Leer Cast for Animated Guardian.
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Why is the leveling skill tree so different than the final build? Do we need a bunch of orbs of regret to get to the final version of this build?
Kday wrote:
Why is the leveling skill tree so different than the final build? Do we need a bunch of orbs of regret to get to the final version of this build?

because u start as a life-based variant of this build and switch to es-based once u can afford it.

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