Crashes, Flares and Parties

We deployed Delve around 12 hours ago and spent the day reading feedback, adjusting things and investigating bug reports. We wanted to make a quick post before we head to sleep with the status of a few issues.

Throughout the day, we deployed client and server crash fixes as the reports came in.

We have finally found the source of the relatively common "Delve Map crash" and are have deployed a fix for it. You'll need to restart your client to get this fix.

There are still a few elusive crashes left, and will get fixes in for them as quickly as possible.

Party Improvements:
We forgot to mention in the patch notes and release materials: you can click the Teleport icon on a party member to travel to them. (If they're in a Delve, then the Delve must not have started yet.)

Also, Niko in the wilderness opens portals for your party members, in order for them to join you in a Delve.

We are looking into bug reports related to these systems, and will make improvements in the coming days.

Throughout most of Delve's development, flares were thrown at your mouse cursor. Because it required time to perform the throw and also to wait for the flare to land and light up, it felt a bit clumsy and dangerous in the dark. Near the end of development, we switched to a system where the player would drop the flare where they were standing (or slightly ahead, if they are moving), much more quickly. This made it a lot safer, as you could drop flares in a panic to be immediately safe.

Feedback from the community today suggests that we need to investigate a better solution for flares and dynamite. We have some ideas on how to tweak this, and are open to testing much more instant throws. Thanks for your patience with this system - we understand it has to feel perfect in order for Delving into very dark areas off the path to be safe and fun.

Other Feedback:
We have read through other bug reports (Azurite getting stuck inside stuff occasionally) and feedback (it's hard to tell which turns the Crawler is going to make). We'll keep investigating.

Other Fixes:
We deployed 3.4.0b and 3.4.0c with various fixes for issues that have come up. We'll keep working on other issues throughout the weekend and next week as necessary.

Thanks for your awesome feedback so far and enjoy Delving! We have really enjoyed watching you experience the new content so far, and are excited to see your reactions to some of the things we have buried deep under Wraeclast.
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice! Thanks!
i hope fix crash

can't more play than 1 min (can't reach Lioneye's Watch )

Nice :D
Front page!
Great work!
Could you guys look into putting an icon where walls are in the mine because the map doesn't really show it.
"Piety... betray me, and I WILL have your head."
IGN:EmbracerOfDeath level 100 Righteous fire Marauder Chieftain.
Sounds like some good improvements on the way.

Party Improvements:

everyone can loot the azurite in the mines ... it isn't splitted or given to the "mine owner".
sometimes the cart just ports away and your party members get left behind and die.

i keep believing a friend of mine mmore and more that PoE is only a single player game with (bad)trade mechanics :(
I still can't skip dialogue lines with space, have to click with my cursor.
Add an icon on the minimap that shows walls that can be destroyed with dynamite, please :)
ty for the bug fixes and the amazingly smooth league start. <3

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