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Would love to see a video of the new Static Strike change @Bex
An obsequious & sycophantic remark!
there are so many new cool gems damn, i cant decide wich i should pick first in delve league <3 i realy like the smite aura buff wich would be a blast for my Lightning Strike ... MTX? :)
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woot finally!!! why doesnt PoB have the new skills and will now of course be missing the new support skills! rip GJ tho looks good GGG sy hyped for friday!
Cant wait to try the new VAAL AWC...had already decided on AWC before I knew of the new gem...seems like a perfect skill to level in SSF and excellent for delving
I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
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HoAg 45 to 84 added damage!
Guess I will make an Occy starter; first time for everything.
Herald of purity is in the *exact* damage range I wanted for facebreaker totems. Great, but not totally broken.

I don't understand why heralds of purity and agony don't grant global increased physical and chaos damage with quality, though. Like, the other heralds are all explicitly 0.75% increased [element] damage per quality. So at 20/20 you'd expect these to also have 15% increased physical and chaos damage.
What is the minimum level required for each gem?
These look tasty
Thanks for the preview, most things are looking great!

That said, the description of Summon Holy Relic is... the least clear tooltip I can imagine. How much does it heal? How much damage does it do? What is the radius of it's effects? Who knows! Nobody based on that tooltip. This is a larger issue with minion skill tooltips in general, but this one is particularly lacking in useful information.

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